SimplyDocs Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal for $69.00


SimplyDocs Review: SimplyDocs empowers users to create online forms which can be used in a standalone manner or can embed them in business applications. With DocTemplates, users can generate prefilled business documents on a realtime basis. DocPublisher allows users to publish multipage documents about everything. Use Proposals module to create and dispatch proposals to business prospects. SimplyDocs also offers approval workflow, eSignature and allows users to configure their own storage.

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SimplyDocs Review


Simply-docs is a popular site for downloading legal documents, but if you’re in need of professional assistance and want to make sure that your documents completely comply with legal requirements then you may wish to shop elsewhere. However, for cheap documents and document bundles, it’s hard to beat in terms of price.

Despite having a wide range and being frequently updated we just couldn’t give the documents on simply-docs a high score because the site made no comment on whether or not the documents had been produced by trained solicitors. As such you may find that a document you’re using, however legitimate it might be, doesn’t necessarily stand up to legal scrutiny. This might not be such a big issue if the site offered superior customer services but unfortunately you can only contact customer services via email, telephone or post. Whilst this provides several options, we’ve not been convinced that you’ll be speaking to a trained solicitor on the other end of the phone.

SimplyDocs Features

Document Generation

Batch Processing
Digital Signature
Interaction Tracking
Multiple Output Formats


• Forms for easy embed
• Publish online documents about everything from manuals to faqs & much more
• Document template management
• Manage business proposals
• API for real-time document generation
• API to receive form submissions within existing business applications
• In-built approval workflow for document submission
• eSign facility to approve/reject submissions using signatures
• Ability for users to integrate their own AWS storag


SimplyDocs is a web-based software platform which allows you to simplify your document generation process. Document Simplification starts here. SimplyDocs is a web-based software platform which helps you to create and manage web forms, generate filled documents & publish the documents for almost everything. Create Forms & Document, Templates. API Integration For Document Generation. API Integration To Get Form Submissions. Publish Elegant Documents. Use Your Own AWS S3 Storage. Design forms/templates with unlimited variables to capture data. Forms can be easily designed by doing a drag & drop of form elements. Map forms with templates for document generation or use them independently. Publish multi-page elegant documents about everything from manuals to faqs. Shareable URL with complete index. Save offline for anytime access. Publish/Unpublish them based upon your requirement or export them as PDF.

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