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Sinapi Pitchground: Replace the old “Get a Quote” button on your website with one that actually works! Giving INSTANT cost estimates has never been easier, it’s exactly what your customer is looking for. Grow Your Deals!

“What will it cost me?”

With Sinapi you can build a straight-forward “Get A Quote” button right on your website with YOUR SERVICES and YOUR PRICES, giving potential customers what they want so in return they are happy to give you their information. Since it’s your services and your costs, no two forms are the same.

Click Here to Buy Sinapi Pitchground Pitchground Deal for $90

Sinapi Pitchground

Provide helpful price estimates WITH NO COMMITMENT instantly to your customers, growing leads from your site and building trust. Now by knowing exactly who the customers are that visit your site, along with the services they need and their level of interest – you can go close the deal!

No need anymore to waste time on customers who don’t have a budget or interest in working together!

Sinapi solves two major problems

“I want more leads generated from my website”

“I’m backed up with work and need to scale”

Well, give them a reason to convert!

Your visitors show up for one reason, to understand what you do and to decide if you’re the right one for the job. Well, it’s time to answer that question rather explicitly. Giving them a clear and immediate estimate provides your customer a good reason to not close your website and move on to your competitor.

I get it, you’ve got work coming out your ears, that’s awesome! Now, imagine if you had a long list of leads, all pre-qualified with cost estimates. From this position, you can choose high-ticket customers to maximize your time-to-dollar relationship!

Click Here to Buy Sinapi Pitchground Pitchground Deal for $90


  • Dynamic questions that show/hide based on the customer’s responses
  • Add one-time, weekly, monthly or yearly costs
  • Quote by the square foot or other surface area measurement
  • Add fixed price or % adjustments


  • Works with all website builders including WIX, SquareSpace or WordPress.
  • Add a button to your website that opens the quote in a pop-up or embed the form directly on your site
  • Looks great on computers or mobile phones.


  • Track over the day, week, month, or year.
  • All lead data is easily searchable and filterable to find the leads you want
  • Export the data so you can use it in other places
  • Connects to all major CMS platforms

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