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61 pitchground: Roughly 90% of applicants get rejected after the first round of screening; however, founders and recruiters waste good time interviewing and hiring candidates that do not meet the hiring bar. Not automating skill-based talent assessment makes it harder to identify and focus on the right candidate set in a noisy hiring pipeline.

While Interviewing can be challenging as it requires the management of multiple platforms, including whiteboards, IDEs (Integrated Development Environments), and note-keeping. Further, notes taken during an interview or code submission can be difficult to share with other hiring team members. Candidates’ experience is also hindered by switching between a video calling platform and a pair programming interface.

Skillspace’s Developer Coding Assessment Tool & Interview Platform Tool helps you solve all these problems at once. Tools For Remote Coding Assessments To Hire The Best Developers & One-On-One Technical Interview Platform.

Get the powerful technical assessments platform to hire the best developers and data scientists and streamline your tech hiring via interviews with pair coding, video calling, whiteboarding, and much more in a lucid interface.

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Skillspace comes with two tools – the Developer Coding Assessment Tool & the Interview Platform so you can choose the one you want or enjoy the best of both tools combined.

More About Developer Assessment Tool – helps you hire the best technology talent through coding assessments, AI challenges, take-home assignments, and much more, all in a highly condensed and simplified manner.

Coding Assessments – Auto evaluate code challenges in more than 40+ programming languages. Coding Assessments, Data Science Challenges, MCQs, and many more question formats to automate technical assessments for on-the-job skills.

  • Supports 40+ programming languages with a robust auto evaluation engine.
  • With seamless online code compilation and auto evaluation, you can create coding assessments in various coding languages.
  • Compile code with IDE – Its built-in code compiler allows remote code execution, retrieval, and display of results in real-time.
  • Auto-evaluate code – Create and auto-evaluate code challenges effortlessly across many programming languages.
  • Role-specific assessments – Effortlessly customize assessments based on specific roles. The platform supports more than 40+ programming languages and various industry libraries.
  • Large Repository – Easily set up relevant assessments with its library of hundreds of coding challenges that are not googlable. The library covers various skills, topics, and difficulty levels, allowing you to create the assessment customized for your open positions.

Data Science Assessments – Auto evaluate through test data and receive submissions as Jupyter notebooks with a library of questions for easy test creation and apt assessments of candidates based on skills that matter.

  • Jupyter Notebook Integration – It offers seamless in-browser Jupyter notebook integration that allows Data Scientists to submit their assessments in their favorite environment. At the same time, it will enable hiring managers to seamlessly review the candidate’s code from their browser without downloading the code.
  • Auto grading – Conduct data science assessments on a wide range of real-world datasets. Auto evaluates and benchmarks a candidate’s projects as you do in a real-life scenario. Choose industry-standard evaluation metrics based on the type of problem (classification or regression) and dataset.
  • Large Repository – Easily set up relevant assessments with its library of datasets or create your own custom data science assessments

Get Basic Proctoring – Disable Copy-Paste to avoid cheating in hiring tests.

All you have to do: Create a reliable technical or data science assessment > Send an invite to your job applicants > Advance top performers based on scores > Interview and hire the best talent remotely

Click Here to Buy pitchground Lifetime Deal for $79.00

More About Interview Platform Tool – helps you conduct seamless interviews for your technology hiring goals with its unified interview platform that has video calling, whiteboard, pair programming, and much more in a lucid interface.

  • Coding Environment – With the support of 40+ languages, you or the candidate can pick whatever they desire and code during the interview in any selected language.
  • Pair Programming – Both the candidate and the interviewer can code together on a real-time basis.
  • Video Calling – Along with various other features, the platform also offers video calling during the interview. Interact with your candidates face-to-face. Assess them in terms of confidence, wits, and expressiveness.
  • Make a Decision when you can – You can decide within the interview or look at the report and decide it later.
  • Library – Interviewers can leverage the set of questions added by them and put them across to the candidates in an easy way
  • Whiteboarding – Ask questions around system design or any other topic that requires the candidate to use a whiteboard tool.
  • Interview Tracking – Keep track of all upcoming, ongoing, and past interviews from one location. Get access to features like viewing reports, copy links, altering decisions, and more.
  • Notes and Notekeeping – The candidate code submissions, flow charts, interviewer’s notes, and other essential information that can make a better-informed hiring decision are maintained in an easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Reporting – Get access to candidate code submission and whiteboard images in the interview report. You can revise your evaluation and make a call at your own pace.

All you have to do: Invite candidate to interview platform > Interact in real-time coding environment > Make notes of your interview & give a verdict > Access interview report and evaluate at your pace

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