Spent £300 for Goldfish surgery to remove the mass from its mouth


Spent £300 for Goldfish surgery: The 17-year-old Bluebell was so loved that its owner paid 300 pounds for its oral surgery. Vet Hannah Jessup said it is hand-delivered by its owners and comes with a back rub surface. But she got sick and something grew in her mouth and she had to take it out.

Hannah said: ‘Bluebell has been developing some tumors that we have been monitoring for years. Its owners noticed a mass growing in her mouth and it started to affect her food so we decided it was best to intervene as it would affect the life of the fish. So we registered Bluebell for surgery to remove the mass in her mouth. I had surgery on a fish for the second time, but I did this procedure for the first time. It took an hour from the fish falling asleep to the recovery of the bluebell.

Spent £300 for Goldfish surgery to remove the mass from its mouth

‘However, the process of removing the mass took about 20 minutes. Bluebell was taken home soon after surgery and returned to its waters, where he is now healthier than he had been for months.

Hannah said: ‘The preparation for the surgery was really complicated due to the need to use specific fish anaesthetic because it responds differently. Anaesthesia is the most challenging aspect because little is known about how the fish’s body works, how fast it sleeps, how it is maintained throughout the process, how it responds and recovers.

She had to be immersed in the anaesthetic solution to faint, which means she was able to put it on the operating table. She was given painkillers to recover from the surgery.

‘My team was with me throughout the whole process to keep her moist and help me reach the mass in her mouth. The staff used air pumps to pump oxygen and water syringes to moisten her. We have been following our follow-up with Bluebell to check for any postoperative complications, but she is eating better than she has been for months.’

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