Appsumo Review: Sprint UI Appsumo Lifetime Deal at $59


Sprint UI: When starting a new project, you always face the problem of starting a new design from scratch, do all the heavy lifting again.

With Sprint UI, you will be able to generate and customise a very comprehensive design system that includes:

  • 700+ components (buttons, dropdowns, inputs, tabs, and tons of other web components!)
  • 1300+ custom Icons

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Sprint UI
Sprint UI

Sprint UI includes a Figma Plugin to help:

  • Customise border radius for all components,
  • Customise and Generate color palettes,
  • Updates headings and body fonts for all components!

Click here to Buy Sprint UI Appsumo Lifetime Deal at $59

Kick-start your design process with a customisable Design System ready to go for any new projects! Perfect for Product Designers, Developers, Startups & Design Agencies.

Sprint UI Features

  • 700+ components (and growing)
  • 1300+ custom icons
  • Customise border radius for all components
  • Customise Heading Fonts with ease
  • Customise Body Fonts in one click
  • Color palette generator for design system
  • Lifetime access to new version and plugin
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