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SquidHub: Don’t waste your time searching through your inbox, meeting minutes, notes or postis – and no need to find and discuss what to do with your project manager. SquidHub’s shared task list provides a great overview of your tasks and their status for all team members

SquidHub is a fun, flexible, and user-friendly productivity tool that integrates the core features of task management, schedule management, and collaboration. In its simplest function, SquidHub provides you with an easy-to-use to-do list application that enables you to list down your projects and tasks

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SquidHub Benefits

SquidHub makes task management, team communication, and collaboration a whole lot easier with its very friendly and intuitive integrated productivity platform. Organizing your tasks and projects and delegating them to the rest of the team is a breeze.With its to-do list functionality, all your to-dos, files, and communications for your entire project

What Problems Will SquidHub Solve?

SquidHub is easy to set up and integrates all core productivity features (task and project management, collaboration, communication) into a single platform.SquidHub combines all the productivity features and functions into a single software. There is no need for to spend more time navigating between the different products – and often have to search in several applications to find the information they are looking

Product Details

SquidHub is a collaboration app for teams who want an intuitive tool, a superior overview and an efficient way to collaborate internally as well as with clients. Access your team’s messages, files, and tasks – without the need to switch and navigate between apps. It’s all available from the single-page UI. Some users call it a mix of Slack


Pricing for Squidhub is pretty simple: it’s free! That’s right, for the moment, SquidHub is available for use at no cost to you. For this reason, it is gaining popularity as an alternative to Trello for students, wedding planners, and the like people with one-time projects they want to organize digitally. According to the website, SquidHub is also used by people who just want a digital to-do list for things like chores

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Final Verdict

SquidHub does everything it sets out to do. It creates a simple space where people can make plans and track progress without too many extraneous features getting in the way. In my email conversation with CEO Andreas Overbeck, he actually told me that one of the goals of SquidHub was to create a tool that did not take over the process of project management

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