Sumo Day Coupon Code: Lifetime Deal Account at 69 Appsumo: Launch sales funnel with first-party tracking to save on ad costs. Other funnel-building tools have left you waiting for your landing pages to load. And with third-party cookie tracking nearly dead in the water, you have to figure out another strategy for retargeting users without breaking your ad budget. You need an easier way to launch funnels, create optimized landing pages, and track data across your tech stack.

With FastPages, you can create landing pages and interactive funnels, like quizzes or questionnaires, to optimize every touchpoint in your sales funnel. You’ll be able to sync your marketing content with ad platforms like Facebook and TikTok to track overall performance. And because data is saved automatically, you can capture responses and follow up even if users leave your page.

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FastPages helps you easily build interactive marketing content, like quizzes and questionnaires. You can use the design editor to build high-converting landing pages in an instant. No design or coding experience is required. True to its name, FastPages lets you host landing pages with lightning-fast loading speeds to reduce bounce rates. Collect visitor info with multi-step forms and quizzes, and you can also take advantage of dynamic content for highly-targeted landing pages.

In just one click, integrate customer data with your email service provider (ESP) and CRM to watch your list grow. It’s also easy to sync user information across ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, and other email marketing automation systems. Send lead events directly to Facebook Conversion API or TikTok Events API to track your client’s campaigns and optimize for higher conversions. And since it’s cheaper to send lead events compared to retargeting, you can also save more money on your marketing budget.

Thanks to the built-in tracking features, you can identify where leads are coming from and how to best engage them for sky-high conversions. FastPages lets you redirect visitors to the next stage of the funnel based on their previous actions and results. Plus, you’re able to save native data to your domain name using first-party cookies to track the entire customer journey.

FastPages helps you track the entire customer journey by leveraging first-party cookies. Without first-party data, mapping out the entire customer journey feels like writing an essay for a book you didn’t read. FastPages gives you everything you need to run successful sales funnels from the jump, so you can bump conversion rates and lower ad costs.

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