Sumo Day: KingSumo Appsumo Lifetime Deal at $49

KingSumo Appsumo: You can bring your business or brand into the spotlight without breaking the bank by running viral giveaways. Grow your email list by running giveaways for physical or virtual products. KingSumo is a platform that helps you create viral giveaways so you can grow your audience and get more leads quickly and effectively. The fun really starts once your giveaway is live.

KingSumo’s easy to use editor will have your first giveaway set up in no time we’re talking up and running in minutes. All you need to do is write a little bit about your giveaway and pick the number of winners you want. And the more chances to win means the more they are willing to share. KingSumo isn’t just about automatic and inexpensive lead gen either. You can program your KingSumo giveaway to give bonus entries for additional actions the entrant takes.

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KingSumo Appsumo

You’ve spent hours executing marketing plans, thousands of dollars on ads, and a ton of energy begging your mom to tell her book club about your business. You can give away your own product, products from partners, physical and virtual goods, a PDF, you name it. When someone enters a KingSumo giveaway, they can share the giveaway with their friends for 3 bonus entries to increase their chances to win.

Your entrants become your sales team, spreading the giveaway virally for you. So with KingSumo putting your outreach on autopilot, you can focus your efforts on other important business tasks. When AppSumo was first starting out, KingSumo played a vital role in building our email list. And even today, we still run our giveaways through KingSumo.

Click here to buy KingSumo Appsumo Deal at $49

Yep, our WeWork, Digital Nomad, Empowerment, and Complete Remote Work Package giveaways were all powered by KingSumo. For example, you can give away 10 extra bonus entries if someone follows your Twitter handle, clicks a link to your website, subscribes to your podcast, or takes a handful of other actions.

KingSumo gives you the ability to embed a widget or the full giveaway unit on any site. Through a few handy integrations, you’ll be able to send the emails you collect during the giveaway directly to your ESP or a spreadsheet. There’s also automatic mid giveaway and final 24 hour reminders that keep your entrants eyes on the prize and encourages more sharing.

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