Sumo Day: Oviond Appsumo Lifetime Deal at $99


Oviond Appsumo: Gathering all your digital marketing data is the professional equivalent of laundry day. You need an easy way to compile and visualise all your valuable marketing information. Oviond is a customisation digital platform that combines and organises all of your marketing data into useful insights and automated reports. Fully customisation dashboards help you really get down to business.

Oviond handles all your clients and integrations from one completely customisation interface. Add the client or business that you want to track and then select which integrations you want to see data for. Oviond lets you group clients together for easy tracking and provides a search bar for access to the information you need in no time. Making reports has never been easier than with Oviond.

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Add specific integration items for clients, or use one of the templates with suggested integrations and layouts to speed things along. Layouts can also be customised to feature media files and widgets that match your workflow, and you can share dashboards with anyone who needs to be in the loop. Plus, comprehensive integrations let you select from Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Mail chimp, and many, many more for a complete look at your data.

Layouts and data sets are fully customisation, putting you in the driver’s seat for a full report done at Ricky Bobby speeds. Once you’ve got the report how you like it, you can automatically generate reports weekly, monthly, or annually. Plus, white-label support means you’ll get full credit for whatever you decide to do with Oviond it’s all yours, free and clear.

Click here to buy Oviond Appsumo Deal at $99

The time you spend compiling your marketing data is time you could spend actually marketing your product. Oviond gives you the whole digital marketing picture, so you can step back and fine-tune your strategy. With cross-channel integrations and automated reports, it’s a must-have for anyone serious about their products and clients. You’ve got materials scattered everywhere that you need to collect, clean up, and organise and just like your piles of dirty clothes, you’ve seriously been putting it off.

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