SupportChamp PitchGround Deal: Lifetime Deal at $49


SupportChamp PitchGround: Customer support is important but managing them at different platforms makes the process not only difficult. But you may also lose out on some potential lead queries in between the messages.

SupportChamp allows easy and effective communication between the customers and the customer service agents. It can receive and send messages from a different range of sources. This ensures all your teammates have an impact on the overall customer experience.

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Connect various channels through which your customers would be talking to you. It can be a website live-chat, your Facebook or Twitter page, or even your WhatsApp number.

SupportChamp PitchGround
SupportChamp PitchGround

SupportChamp frees your Sales Reps to focus on closing deals. Convert more website visitors into qualified opportunities and ensure every lead is followed up and qualified.

Communicate in real-time with your website visitors and give them quality support on the fly. Easily customize the widget to match your style and start receiving messages in a few minutes.

Customer Support will give a human-centric 2- way of communication for your customers. Let them reach you from multiple channels and auto-assign cases to your support analysts Since you are getting ready to talk to your customer, bring in your teammates to assist you. You can invite your teammates by adding their email addresses to the agent list.

Click here to buy the SupportChamp deal at $49

SupportChamp PitchGround

  • Multi-channel communication
  • Email Management
  • Team synchronization
  • Improved customer experience
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