Swish Review: Swish PitchGround Lifetime Deal at $49


Swish PitchGround: Writing a blog is already a difficult task, but managing it is a whole other ordeal. What if you had a tool that could automate your blog management? Well, we have just the right tool for you! Swish is a blog management software that provides everything you need for a high-quality blog, all working in the background for you.

Swish.ink is a blogging platform that takes care of everything on your behalf. No maintenance is necessary, and it supports multiple roles and permissions, custom domains, etc. Don’t spend more time managing your blog than writing articles. Swish provides everything needed for a high-quality blog, all working in the background for you.

All the necessary technical optimizations are done to ensure your site is ranked correctly by search engines. There are many aspects to SEO; as a platform to host your blog, Swish has a big part to play in Technical SEO.

Buy here Swish PitchGround Lifetime Deal at $49

Your blog deserves good technical SEO, so, of course, Swish has several features that help you optimize your SEO.

  • Website Speed
  • Consolidating Domains
  • Canonical URLs
  • URL structure
  • SSL and HTTPS
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Sitemaps

Swish PitchGround

Swish Features

Custom Domains – You are not required to use a —-.swish.ink domain, you can use your domain with Swish.

Image CDN – Swish serves EVERY image you add to a post. If you add an image on an external site, it will download it, so you never have to worry about the external image.

Buy here Swish PitchGround Lifetime Deal at $49

RSS Feed – RSS Feeds are generated for every blog on Swish. Your users can subscribe to your blog and read your content with any RSS reader.

Swish PitchGround Benefits

  • Easy to use.
  • It follows all the technical standards, speed, sitemaps, feeds, Core Web Vitals, etc., without the user having to think about it.
  • Automatically cross-post to other platforms to increase the reach.
  • Unlimited users for each blog, not priced per-seat

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