Talkie PitchGround Lifetime Deal at $69

Talkie PitchGround: Virtual Workspaces has become a necessity as many businesses are shifting to work remotely or have a remote team. Hence, it is important to have interactive team collaboration for the business to run seamlessly. To help sort this out, we have Talkie, a virtual workspace for remote teams.

Communicate effortlessly with quick & easy 1-click voice-only collaboration. Save time & energy, send and record voice updates with shareable links & real-time transcriptions keep in touch with your team & focus on the work that matters. Share files & do much more.

  • Design Teams – Quick Brainstorming hurdles? Start a conversation with teammates in one click and use screen sharing to bring them up to speed. If you can’t connect in real-time.

Buy here Talkie PitchGround Lifetime Deal at $69

  • Product Teams – When you’re mapping out roadmap priorities, the last thing you need are video feeds taking up your entire screen. Kick off a voice chat with stakeholders, share your screen, and enjoy Talkie’s lightweight audio bubbles as a sticky overlay as you focus on the task at hand – planning.

Talkie PitchGround

  • Leadership teams – Culture and Trust are all about communicating the company vision clearly and getting teams aligned. Founders & managers Join daily standups & all-hands updates and blast it out to the team or check-in quickly and stay in touch with folks across the board.

Talkie Benefits

  • Simple, fast & secure
  • Save time and monthly subscriptions
  • Elevate presence and culture inside your team
  • Go beyond time zones & reduce remote work friction

Buy here Talkie PitchGround Lifetime Deal at $69

Talkie Review


  • Initiate quick meetings

  • Basic features of Online meeting platforms like Zoom

  • Plugins for collaboration tools


  • Cannot currently record the meetings

  • Better documentation on teams within the spaces

  • Annotation tools

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