Talyp vs Gurlushikchi Basketball Dream 11 Prediction


TYP vs GYK : In Turkmenistan, NBLT 2020, Talyp has been placed at the third position in the league standings. In the total of 14 matches played, TYP has succeeded in 10 matches, defeated in 4 matches. TYP has a winning percentage of 0.714. In the recently played match against Balkan, TYP has won the game with the score of 69-80 points. Prior to this game, TYP has faced off against Gyrat, in which TYP has won the game with the score of 101-59 points. The stats of TYP in the recent five games are L L W W W. TYP must continue with this winning performance, until the end of the season, in order to move to the top of the table.

Gurlushikchi takes the fourth position in the Turkmenistan, NBLT points table of 2020. In the total of 12 matches participated, GYK has faced victories in 9 matches and faced failures in 3 matches. GYK has a winning percentage of 0.750. In the last match, GYK has matched up against CSKA, in which GYK has lost the game with the score of 85-65 points. Before this match, GYK has played against Galkan, in which GYK has won the match with the score of 87-76 points. The path of GYK in the past five games is L W W W L. GYK is right below to their opponent. Let’s see whether they manages to win this next match so that they can move upward in the league points table.


Talyp vs Gurlushikchi Team News


  • Evgeny Nazipov
  • Suleiman Orazov
  • Chary Kadyrov
  • Ismail Arazmammedov


  • Ahmed Shamuradov
  • Begench Akmammedov
  • Muhammet Begenjov

Talyp vs Gurlushikchi – Team Squad


Ahmet Kiyathanov, Arslan Sheripbaev, Maksat Teryaev, Toyli Bayryev, Islam Annakov, Suleiman Orazov, Chary Kadyrov, Ismail Arazmammedov, Sapargeldy Kurbanov, Evgeny Nazipov, Kerim Kiyatkhanov, Maksat Almerdenov, Atamyrat Charyev, Dovlet Annaev, Palvan Akammedov


Aleksandr Pashkov, Begench Akmammedov, Mekan Nuryev, Sapaly Zayrov, Muhammet Begenjov, Berdy Atahanov, Ahmed Shamuradov, Mikhail Kazhushn, Roman Seleznev, Vladimir Pimenov, Vadim Vorobiev

TYP vs GYK – Playing 5

Talyp: Ahmed Kiyathanov (PG), Toyli Bayryev (SG), Chary Kadyrov (SF), Evgeny Nazipov (PF), Atamyrat Charyev (C)

Gurlushikchi: Alexander Paskov (PG), Sapasi Zairov (SG), Ahmed Shamuradov (SF), Begench Akhammedov (PF), Muhammet Begenjov (C)

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