Taskade Review: Taskade Lifetime Pitchground Deal for $245.00


Taskade Review: Taskade helps teams stay competitive in the modern workplace by cutting down the unnecessary friction in planning organizing and decision making. There is no maze of functionality or context switching between multiple tools. so you and your team can focus on getting work done from day one.

Taskade is where remote teams chat organize and get things done. Supercharge your team productivity with collaborative task lists notes and mind maps in one unified workspace. Taskade is simple beautiful and fun.

Click Here to Buy Taskade Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $245.00

Taskade Review

The Unified Workspace For Remote Teams

Remote Teams all over the world face the difficulty of communicating, scheduling their tasks or managing their projects. It is where Taskade comes in hand. It is an all in one collaboration tool to supercharge your team’s productivity with collaborative task lists, notes, and mind maps.

  • Upgrade the team productivity for managing multiple tasks and projects
  • Ability to break large tasks into smaller pieces with unlimited hierarchy (cascading tasks)
  • An easy and simple way to manage client projects across multiple teams. (subspaces)
  • An easy way to automate tasks and projects with “Custom Templates” shared in each workspace or subspace.

Collaborate Instantly – Taskade is built for real-time collaboration. Share your projects, chat with teammates, and see changes as they happen, across all devices on mobile and desktop.

Organize Visually – Taskade is a collaborative task list with unlimited hierarchy, designed to help remote teams work together in one unified workspace.

Manage Anything – Plan, organize, and prioritize upcoming tasks in the team roadmap. Taskade lets you automate your workflows and get work done.

Click Here to Buy Taskade Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $245.00

Plan Collaboratively – See your team progress in a shared calendar. Taskade helps you quickly plan out multiple projects across teams and workspaces.

What’s the Benefit of using Taskade?

  • Projects can be visualized in multiple ways, from task list > kanban board > mind mapping, the data is persistent, you can mix and match, and work with your team, depending on the project, to edit and present in different VIEWS of Taskade
  • Taskade is one unified workspace for 3Cs, coordination, collaboration, and communication. It also has a real-time engine similar to Google Docs so you can work on the same page/project across multiple devices, in real-time.
  • Taskade offers tasks, notes, and video chat, all on the same page.
  • Get Familiar with Smart Formatting like creating blocks, drag n drop, adding notes/tags and more.
  • Pick up the pace with Bulk Actions / Multi-Select Tasks + Blocks

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