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TexAu Review: With the TRESL mission statement as our guide, to “chronicle, comment on, and influence the shape of the law that affects the entertainment and sports industries, throughout the United States and the world, ” we continue to provide an informative and compelling collection of articles by active attorneys, distinguished professors, and talented law students. Journal homepage: http://uttresl.wordpress.com

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TexAu Review

The Texas Resource Review

Top performers in many fields note that the best way to increase productivity is to improve tools. For Texas school districts and schools, this means selecting high-quality instructional materials is critical to improving student achievement. This notion is backed by a growing body of research showing that using high-quality instructional materials is one of the most successful and cost-effective ways to improve student outcomes. Districts often find that determining the quality of materials that are the best fit for their students is a time intensive and uncertain process. This leaves many districts asking,

Texas Review of Law & Politics

The Review, published at The University of Texas School of Law, is one of the nation’s premier conservative law journals. Its mission is to be the prime forum for the discussion and debate of provocative legal issues such as criminal justice, federalism, affirmative action, constitutional history, and religious liberties. In its short history, the Review has caught the attention of the judiciary, legal scholars, and the popular media. Justice Scalia cited the Review in DC v. Heller and the Michigan Supreme Court cited the Review in a majority opinion calling for judicial restraint when courts are asked to modify legal rules.

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Future Review Cycles

Rubrics posted for public comment. TEA worked with content experts and educators across the state to develop rubrics for Pre-K Systems, ELAR Supplemental (Foundational Literacy), and K-8 Math instructional materials. Reviews are scheduled to begin summer 2020 with release of reports in November 2020. Rubrics are open for public comment until November 19, 2019. If you would like to comment on any of the proposed rubrics, please submit a Public Comment Submission Form.  Comments will be considered when revising rubrics for final publication.

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