Tips to Start Your Day Positive and Fresh


Many doesn’t know how to start a day positively and fresh mind. Starting a day is actually not starting on the time you wake up from your bed. It starts from before night itself. There are many ways to do it. Here are the tips in a short and neat way

  1. While you are ready for sleep before night, just close your eyes and imagine the whole day how you want to be. And people you want to meet and events you are going to handle.
  2. With that powerful thinking, you will fall asleep.
  3. Good Morning. Your actual day begins here. Right after you open your eyes, First thing you do is to watch the beautiful and calm sky with the rays of the Sun. This gives energy to you.To start a new day
  4. Immediately dont think of your work schedule. You have entered into a new day.
  5. So just relax and stretch out yourself. Do your morning routines.
  6. Have coffee/tea/Black tea of your choice sip by sip without watching mobiles, TV, Newspaper anything. Drink your coffee with your eyes closed and feel each and every
  7. Now that your both body and mind are energised, now think about your to do list and start your work.
  8. Inbetween to your work, just take time to stretch and walk for sometime. Because calm movements are most important for the stressful mind and body.
  9. Have food not in a hurry. If you dont have time to sit and take your food slowly then you dont eat. After all, for this food only everyone are struggling. To start a new day
  10. And take your dinner minimum 2 hours before your bed time. This is to give rest to your body’s vital organs.
  11. Then again repeat from point 1 to start  your next day.


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