Ulsan Hyundai FC vs Sangju Sangmu FC Football Dream 11 Prediction


ULS vs SSMG : The 2020 K League 1 will be the 38th edition of this tournament, which has been scheduled to happen between 8th of May 2020 and 8th of November 2020. It was initially scheduled to start on 29th of February, but because of the out-break of COVID-19, it has been postponed till now. The twelve teams have been participating, with the total of twenty-two regular matches and five final-round matches per team. Ulsan Hyundai and Sangju Sangmu has been scheduled to face off against each other for the upcoming match of the season. In the previous year, ULS has been positioned at the second place, with the total of 79 points scored for the team. ULS has participated in the total of 38 matches, out of which ULS has succeeded in 23 matches, defeated in 5 matches and has drawn 10 matches. ULS has the responsibility to continue with the good name in this season, as they were the runner up of the past season.

On the other hand, SSMG has been at the relegated position in the previous season of K League 1. SSMG has been positioned at the seventh place, with 55 points managed to score in their account. SSMG has taken part in the total of 38 matches, in which SSMG has faced victories in 16 matches, faced failures in 15 matches and has drawn 7 matches. SSMG must struggle harder to perform well in this year.


Ulsan Hyundai FC vs Sangju Sangmu FC Team News

Ulsan Hyundai FC

  • Park Joo-ho
  • Kim Tae-hwan
  • Yoon Bit-garam
  • Giun-Lee

Sangju Sangmu FC

  • Byeong-Keun Hwang
  • Kang Sang-Woo
  • Mun Chang-jin
  • Seong-Uk-Jin

Ulsan Hyundai FC vs Sangju Sangmu FC – Team Squad

Ulsan Hyundai FC:

Park Joo-ho, Lee Chung-yong, Jo Hyeon-woo, Júnior Negrão, Lee Keun-ho, Bjørn Johnsen, Jason Davidson, Dave Bulthuis, Mislav Oršić, Jeong g-Hyeon, Kim In-sung, Kim Tae-hwan, Yoon Bit-garam, Lee Dong-gyeong, Jo Su-hu, Kang Min-soo, Kim Kee-hee, Yun Young-sun, Cho Young-cheol, Kim Yong-dae, Won Du-jae, Kim Chang-soo, Lee Jong-ho, Jeong Dong-ho, Sin Jin-ho, Han Seung-gyu, Koh Myong-Jin, Lee Yeong-jae, Park Yong-woo, Kim Sung-joon, Park Jung-in, Kim Seung-Jun, Han Sang-woon, Jung Hoon-sung, Jung, Jae-yong, Lee Sang-heon, Lee Myung-jae, Kim Sung-hwan, Kim Chi-gon, Moon Jeong-in, Jang Dae-Hee, Danijel Subotić, Richard Windbichler, Choi Kyu-baek, Lee Ki-je, Kim Geon-ung, Seo Myeong-won, Ha-Bean Park, Jang Seong-Jae, Yong-Jin Kim, Min-Duk Kim.

Sangju Sangmu FC:

Moon Seon-min, Oh Se-hun, Se-jin Jeon, Kwon Kyung-won, Moon Chang-jin, Kim Min-hyeok, Lee Chang-keun, Ryu Seung-woo, Yoon Bo-sang, Jin Sung-wook, Kang Sang-Woo, Kim Dae-Joong, Han Seok-jong, Park Yong-woo, Kim Kyung-jung, Kwon Tae-An, Lee Myung-jae, Lee Chan-dong, Lee Dong-soo, Bae Jae-Woo, Myeong-Seok Go, Bae Shin-young, Song Seung-min, An Tae-hyun, Park Dae-han, Ko Tae-won, Jang Eun-kyu, Byeong-Geun Hwang, Kim Sun-woo, Kim Kyung-jae, Lee Keun-ho, Bo-Sub Kim, Choe Cheol Won, Se-Jin Park, Byung-Hyun Park, Jin-Hyeok Kim, Sang-Gi Lee, Lee Min-ki.

Ulsan Hyundai FC vs Sangju Sangmu FC – Probable Playing 11

Ulsan Hyundai FC:

S Jo (GK), S Jung, D Won, M Kim, J Davidson, G Lee, J Sin, D Jeong, S Kim, B Maars Johnsen, F Pinto-Junior

Sangju Sangmu FC:

B-Keung-Hwang (GK), K-Won-Kwon, S-Uh-Kang, B-Hyeon-Park, J-Hyeok-Kim, C-Jin-Mun, M-Hyeok-Kim, S-Min-Mun, S-Uk-Jin, M-Jae-Lee, C-Dong-Lee


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