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UltraNote PitchGround: When you are in a business video meeting with your team or clients, reading or taking notes becomes a necessity. But switching between 2 different tabs and software for this process is disturbs the flow and concentration.

It lets you take or read from rich notes & design them into notebooks. During the live conversation with your customers inside Google Meet and MS Teams without switching the screens. All your notes from the meetings are organized into Notebooks that you can access anytime.

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With UltraNote, you can now write or read from your rich notes without switching between the tabs from your meeting browser/app to the notes tool or breaking eye contact. With that, you can also share the same notes with your team members or clients making it easier for you to collaborate with them.

UltraNote PitchGround
UltraNote PitchGround

Organize your notes into notebooks, share them with your team, and they will be able to see your notes but not be able to modify or delete them. Using UltraNote, your team can create a personal copy of your Notebook and resume the writing process from where it ended the last time.

With UltraNote, you can merge your Notebooks together or into a ‘Master’ Notebook that preserves the sequence of all your notes in time. No more going through lengthy documents or chasing people to make sense of things.

Click here to buy UltraNote PitchGround Lifetime Deal at $49 

UltraNote PitchGround Benefits

  • No need to look away from the screen or switch between tabs.
  • Drag, Resize and adjust the transparency settings to suit your comfort.
  • All your notes are organized instantly and stored securely. Export them whenever you want.
  • Share your UltraNote notebooks with your team easily. They can fork the notebooks and start from where you left off.
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