URL-Monitor Pitchground Lifetime Deal Review- Best SEO Tool in the Market

URL-Monitor Pitchground: URL-Monitor helps you monitor, your competitors or any other URL. It helps prevent.

Benefits you get right after signing up:

  1.  Save money and hassle by finding critical things before Google
  2.  Make money by telling potential clients that something is wrong.
  3.  Go back in time to see why a page used to perform better.
  4.  See why competitors rank better.
  5.  Manage your client’s or your competitor’s most important URLs in a single place.
  6.  Get notifications about critical changes.
  7.  A fast overview of changed HTML statuses, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Meta-Robots, Canonical Tags, Hreflang, missing tracking codes, and much more.

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URL-Monitor Pitchground

URL-Monitor is right for you if you have any of these problems:

  • inexperienced or many people working on your site changing things, that you do not want to have changed
  • lots of domains to keep track of
  • competition outranking you frequently
  • frequently changing the information on third-party sites

URL-Monitor lets you monitor any URL once a day. It stores the complete source code for 30 – 800 days depending on the package you buy.

If a value changes that you want to be notified about, the tool sends you an email.

Additionally, you can compare the complete source code from different dates.

Click Here to Buy URL-Monitor Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $69

What can you monitor with the URL monitor?
👁 status codes
👁 meta titles / descriptions
👁 meta robots
👁 Href lang
👁 canonical tags
👁 page speed
👁 page size
👁 headlines
👁 buttons
👁 sales copy
👁 images
👁 tracking code
👁 forms
👁 specific code

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