uSchema Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $59.00


uSchema Review: uSchema is a WordPress plugin that lets you automatically structure web page metadata and schema to improve website traffic without having to code. While structuring metadata for web page content can give a healthy boost to your rankings doing it for every page is tedious even if you have the expertise.

With uSchema, you can automate schema markup for Google-friendly metadata in order to improve search engine results page (SERP) rankings. The tool’s technology allows search engines to detect webpage content more accurately whether your URL is hosting a recipe article product multimedia content or whatever else you can cook up.

Click Here to Buy uSchema Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $59.00


Use readymade simple schema items and then map existing pages’ metadata for an automated markup of your site. For those special pages or archived posts choose whether to include or exclude schema features so you can add only the required markups.

Set up advanced schema from over 800 types and use features like categorical taxonomy and nested schema options to keep all of your pages well organized. With advanced data, schema for things like products articles and recipes always display important and specific schema properties such as author or product price.

Plus, you can even add custom fields for schema properties and display these fields on the frontend of your website, instead of installing separate plugins for gathering information. The plugin follows a Google-recommended embedding style that ensures a maintained page speed with compliant syntax, so your site always meets structured data testing tools.

With uSchema’s robust metadata and schema integration search engine results work in your favor no matter what kind of content you have. Don’t let schemas tank your SERP rankings.

Click Here to Buy uSchema Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $59.00

Plans and Features

    • Lifetime access to uSchema

    • All future AppSumo Plan updates

    • No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that’s right for you

    • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase

    • Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 2 license tiers

    • GDPR compliant

    • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

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