Userback Review: AppSumo Lifetime Deal


Userback Review: Userback is a cloud-based customer feedback collection and bug tracking platform that provides a solution for website owners, developers, and agencies to collect user feedback from web projects, and manage and share this information with their colleagues. The system enables the collection of real-time feedback directly from websites, with screenshots to pinpoint specific issues and instant notifications.

Userback’s customizable widget can be installed directly in websites, and the API and browser extension also enable feedback collection within web apps or local files. Screenshot capture and the ability to draw and write on the screen enables the collection of highly specific visual feedback from users. Feedback can be tagged, categorized and filtered to prioritize the most serious issues.

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Userback Lifetime Deal

Userback is a platform that allows you to collect and manage valuable feedback for all your web projects.If you’re an agency delivering web projects for clients, working in a team or collecting feedback on your site, Userback will save you time by managing feedback for all of your web apps in one place. The Userback lifetime deal is now available on AppSumo.

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Userback to the Future

Our websites and apps are our babies so it’s hard to see where there’s room for improvement. But much like Karen from the PTA (those homemade brownies were dry, btw), customers and team members have no problem telling you what improvements can be made. The only thing stopping them from giving you their constructive feedback is not having a tool to do it. Until now. Make submitting and gathering feedback easy with Userback. Coming Soon $49.00 $828.00 Save 94% 7 Reviews $49.00

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