Uxcel Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $59.00


Uxcel Review: Uxcel is an interactive platform for learning new design skills, assessing your knowledge, and connecting with designers from around the world. The problem is that most design courses and books tend to be boring and siloed, ruining any motivation to learn and improve.

Get access to more than a hundred lessons on UX/UI design topics, including top-tier content from famous design companies. Your designers will be able to immerse themselves in micro-courses that offer a deep dive into each topic, so they learn and understand what matters most.

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With Uxcel, you’ll be able to monitor each team member’s completed courses, recent activity, and scores on skill-based assessment tests. You can receive weekly reports and feedback to see which students are top performers and which need extra help.

If you want to identify the best design talent for the job, Uxcel lets you evaluate potential candidates with role-based skill assessments. Each team plan comes with five free assessments, so you can recruit highly-skilled professionals that are a perfect fit for your team.

Uxcel is ideal for design teams, freelancers, designers, or agencies. You’ll be able to improve your team’s existing talent and make better hiring decisions. And because it’s more cost-effective to upskill your existing team than to hire new ones, Uxcel empowers you to train your designers with minimal effort.

Uxcel can help you upskill your design team, monitor their progress, and speed up the hiring process from one engaging platform. When it comes to design, you want your brand to be ahead of the pack, not lagging behind.

Click here to Buy Uxcel Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $59.00

 Uxcel Features Plans 

    • Free courses

    • Pro content

    • Learning challenges

    • Eye-training games

    • Unlimited skill tests

    • Issue role-based assessments to screen designer candidates

    • Certificates of completion

    • Uxcel UI kit and icon set

    • Team reporting

    • Unlimited license switching

    • Designer screening

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