Valimai First Single Track Release date & Teaser Release date leaked

Valimai Teaser Release date: Valimai film directed by H Vinod starring actor Ajith. Valimai motion poster was released recently and was well received by the fans. It has been reported that the single track and Valimai teaser of the film will be released in August.

Actor Ajith and Huma Kuroshi are the lead roles in the film which is directed by H Vinod. The shooting of the film started in 2019 and for the last two years, the film crew delayed by not giving any updates for a long time.

It is expected that Valimai First Single will be released at 10 pm on 2nd August.

Valimai Teaser Release date

Currently, the shooting of the film is almost over. It has been reported that only action scenes remain and the crew will travel to the East of England for this. The motion poster of the film was released in a row and was well received by the fans.

Valimai Teaser Release date & First Single Track

The crew has announced that a series of single tracks and teasers will be released in August. The Valimai song is set to release on 10th August and Valimai Teaser on the 15th August. Following this, the music and trailer of the film have been released.

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The movie is said to be released in theaters on November 4 to coincide with Diwali. With the release of the already superstar Annaatthe film on the same day, both films can be expected to give a special celebration to the fans.

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