VdoCipher Review: Lifetime AppSumo Deal For $79.00


VdoCipher Review: VdoCipher has the kind of technology infrastructure and support skills required, that made our broadcast customers to be able to trust us.They have a full range of features from DRM, streaming to encoding with well structured enterprise APIs. I look forward toVibhav & Siddhant to bring out more and more innovations in video technology space

With proprietary encrypted streaming technology, vdocipher ensured that our popular movie release can only be viewed by valid subscribers and can’t be illegally downloaded.VdoCipher’s fast streaming technology delivers high speed streaming thus providing aseamless, buffering-free film viewing experience. Clearly a need of the hour as far as all content makers & distributors are concerned.

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VdoCipher Review

2018 Top 25 Online Video Software List

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About VdoCipher

It seems VdoCipher was established in 2013 (last year) in India so it appears to be very young start up business with a revolutionary approach to protecting videos from stealing. You can also check VdoCipher LinkedIn Profile.

VdoCipher Player and Website Functionality

The Player is fairly basic but responsive (buffering) and I like it as it makes it very clean and I have Likes / Social Media on website anyway. Obviously you may want this in the player so I think you would have to wait for that if you need it. The only feature I would like to have is ability to upload ‘preview image’ like on YouTube.

VdoCipher’s secure video streaming combines dynamic watermarking as part of its multi-layer video security. To ensure that your video is completely secure you need to ensure secure video hosting on cloud server, encrypted video streaming and backend authentication. Dynamic Watermarking is an effective deterrent to prevent video from being downloaded at the stage of video playback on the viewer’s device. VdoCipher

VdoCipher – WordPress Video Plugin for Premium Online Videos

Are you a video content creator, producing premium content? Is the content paid courses or movies? Then, you might be worried that it can get pirated from your WordPress site using free downloaders, plugins. Here, we talk about Vdocipher WordPress video plugin which provides encrypted video streaming and viewer specific watermarking to eliminate any chances of video piracy. It ensures that no hack or downloader can grab your videos from the website.

Buy AppSumo VdoCipher Lifetime Deal for $79!

Packaged Video Streaming for business features

Dashboard to upload and manage content – Tagging and searching enabled. Videos can be imported from Desktop, Amazon S3, Dropbox and other cloud platforms. 10 Minute integration WordPress video plugin. CDN, Server & transcoding package based on AWS, Google and Akamai servers & CDN. Custom Smart Video player – Speed change, forward/rewind, custom seekbar as a player function. Multiple bitrates adaptive streaming – VdoCipher provides various qualities depending on user device and bandwidth. Daily Analytics– Video views, location, browser etc, detailed real-time analytics for your content.

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