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Vershd PitchGround: Git has over 160 commands and thousands of parameters to remember. It regularly defeats developers the world over with the work destroyed.  Sometimes meaning days of effort just to get back to where you were.

Software developers have to know what changes were made to the code why, when and by whom even when working on their own. The changes can create an auditing trail that is essential for bug fixing and controlling releases.

Buy Vershd PitchGround Yearly Deal for Free

Vershd is the effortless git GUI for Windows, Mac, & Linux. It boosts your software development productivity by making Git simple with a unique UI/UX that prevents errors and creates clarity.

Vershd has totally separate views of branches & their commits, pending files, and stashes. This simpler look and feel means you can easily see your work status at all times. It makes your workflow effortless.

Vershd PitchGround
Vershd PitchGround

Vershd protects your code by showing you in advance what’s going to happen when actions are taken. You can see into the future, which helps to save your presentation.

Sometimes a set of pending files might need to suddenly be stashed rather than committed. It’s a breeze with Vershd. Use the ‘conventional commits’ format for standardized messages if you like. Quickly pull up the previous messages to add to your text.

Buy Vershd PitchGround Yearly Deal for Free

Vershd PitchGround

Any time you commit, you can push the changed branch to the remote repository, but by default, this won’t overwrite any existing branch. If you definitely want to force and overwrite it. Vershd helps to prevent errors by making this explicit.

Vershd also has a unique rewind function, a simpler and more powerful way of reverting or resetting. It helps to prevent errors using previews and offers the ability to keep your working files. Simplicity is key, and your time is saved.

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