ViewStub Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal For $99.00


ViewStub Review: Viewers can connect from anywhere in the world, with any screen or VR headset. ViewStub gives creators control over their valuable brand, providing an environment without ads or competition, allowing viewers to enjoy any experience as if they were actually there.

Layout referenced by a ViewStub is inflated and added to the UI only when we decide. It means Whenever a ViewStub is made visible, or when inflate() method invoked, the layout resource is inflated and then ViewStub replaces itself in its parent with the inflated Resource. The ViewStub only exists in the view hierarchy until setVisibility(int) or inflate() is invoked. The inflated View is added to the ViewStub’s parent using layout parameter.

Buy ViewStub  Lifetime Deal for $99.00

ViewStub Review

ViewStub Tutorial With Example In Android Studio

In Android, ViewStub is zero sized invisible View that can be used to lazily inflate layout resource at runtime. It is a dumb and lightweight view. The special thing about ViewStub is that it neither participate nor draw anything in the layout. It has zero dimension.

Difference between ViewStub and include tag:

The include tag will just include the xml content’s in your xml file. It’s a nice way to share layout parts between different layout’s. The ViewStub tag is a little bit different because it is not directly included, and will be loaded only when you actually need it, i.e when you set ViewStub’s visibility to “true”.

Android ViewStub

A ViewStub is a zero-sized invisible View which is used to load “layout resource” at runtime. ViewStub is a zero dimension View, so you will not see anything on the layout pallete.

To make parent resource visible, inflate() method is invoked. To make ViewStub visible or invisible, setVisibility(int) method is invoked. The View.VISIBLE constant is used for making ViewStub visible and View.GONE constant is used for invisible.


  • Web-based ticketing and promotion solution.
  • You can set up a page within minutes.
  • Customize your ticket options: free, paid, donation, or subscription.
  • Use the white-label solution for signups on your website.
  • Create affiliate links to see traffic sources.
  • Track everything in one dashboard.
  • Virtual events straight from the built-in ViewStub video player.

Coupon Details

ViewStub Coupon Code: Click on the button above and the official site would open in a new tab and the coupon would be shown here. Copy the coupon and apply that while making the payment to get ViewStub.

Get Appsumo ViewStub  in Deal for $99.00

Better than Eventbrite

1. Very generous free tickets offer. 1 code for 2500 attendees.
2. The team is humble and very nice to work with although they are now overwhelmed.
3. Better than eventbrite because of the white label and video delivery inside the event and integration with webinar systems
4. They are willing to take feedback for roadmap
5. Member area for delivering content such as recorded videos and webinars can be on your site.
6. Integrates with zoom for LIVE delivery

1. UI not pleasing to the eye
2. No proper onboarding
3. LIVE video streaming through RTMP is tricky but works with zoom integration
4. No landing page for events

When I first purchased this, I thought this was alternative to hopin or heysummit. No. Its not. and its better than eventbrite as it does more than event bright and so I think Appsumo positioning this as eventbrite al is confusing many people. I think eventsframe was eventsbright alternative but this comes closer to heysummit minus the landing pages etc

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