Virusdie Review: Virusdie PitchGround Lifetime Deal at $390

Virusdie PitchGround: Virusdie has made a complete and close environment for digital agencies. It will help them to generate some extra income for themselves and some peace of mind for their clients. It will generate income by keeping its sites free of malware.

Digital Agencies can now protect their client sites and deliver more trust to their clients. They sell their offering with new security products all in one place. Including billing and invoices further right through the Virusdie platform.

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Virusdie will find out if malware was detected on your website with an easy-to-read timeline. Red blocks show that your website was infected that day. Green blocks show that no infected files were found on your website that day. Yellow blocks show that your website was not synchronized with Virusdie that day.

Virusdie PitchGround
Virusdie PitchGround

View malware scan and removal reports. Reports list all the files that were detected as infected or suspicious by Virusdie’s website antivirus. You can easily view malicious code in the files by clicking a file block.

About Virusdie

  • A User-Friendly Interface Every screen of the user interface is clear and intuitive. You won’t find yourself asking for help to use it.
  • Single-Use Dashboard All your websites, all your hosting services, and all the security tools you need are in one cloud dashboard.
  • Save Hours Every Year Virusdie saves you three hours a week on average. Collect all your sites distributed across different shared, VPS, and dedicated servers in one place. It doesn’t matter what CMS is used: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, DLE, PrestaShop, and all other popular systems are supported.

Click here to buy Virusdie PitchGround Lifetime Deal at $390

Virusdie Benefits

  • Real-time interaction with all elements
  • No constant page refreshing
  • A harmonious blend of simplicity and passion in the details
  • Malware descriptions and code highlighting
  • Vulnerability patch management
  • The safest automatic cleanup in the industry
  • Real-time website protection with firewall

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