VirusDie Review: Lifetime pitchground Deal For $49


VirusDie Review: I’m glad this service exists. Half a year ago, hackers began to hack our websites more frequently. It took me at least an hour to fix each time. And if I didn’t fix the vulnerability, the site would get hacked again. Now, I can just add my website to Virusdie, scan it and remove the malware. It takes 5 minutes, tops. We’re already connecting more of our clients to Virusdie, so that there’s less headache later.

This is the first antivirus service that’s actually convenient for bloggers and webmasters. I was curious and ended up finding that Virusdie saves me three hours a week on average. That’s 156 hours, or 6.5 days per year. If you convert that into workdays, it’s 19 days! For me that was a decisive factor in choosing Virusdie, as I’m working on several projects. Clear UI and fast support!

Buy Virusdie Lifetime Deal For $49!

VirusDie Review

Check 60+ blacklists

Virusdie helps you see when a website has been blacklisted and helps you un-blacklist sites easily. If one of your sites is blacklisted, access to that site will be restricted by one or more services (e.g., Google), meaning that your customers will lose visitors. We check sites against 60+ blacklists every 10 days automatically, and we’ll notify you if any issues are detected. You can also manually check blacklists in a single click and view blacklist details. On top of all that, you can even send un-blacklisting requests to blacklist providers right from Virusdie!

place among the best

Details matters to outstanding people. Giving you more than just boring utility software for pros is in Virusdie’s DNA. As you use our beautiful, responsive, thoughtfully designed user interface and service, you’ll be deeply inspired by our passion for even the tiniest of details.

Make a firm decision

Mail.Ru Group has an all-in-one website statistics service for webmasters with more than 1 million connected websites, called We use the Virusdie External Site Scan API to check our customers’ websites for malware automatically. It lets us provide built-in website security for our customers daily, and inform them of any malware or suspicious activity detected on their websites. — Alexander Gorniy, CSO at Mail.Ru Group

Virusdie — the first antivirus for ISPmanager

Thousands of website owners have already tried Virusdie’s top-of-the-line malware protection for themselves. Until recently, convenient, GUI-based usage of the service was available only to Virusdie’s SaaS users. Now, with the release of Virusdie integration with ISPmanager, server control panel owners of VPS or dedicated servers also have an opportunity to discover Virusdie. — Pavel Guralnik, CEO at ISPsystem

Exclusive Virusdie’ Lifetime deals on PitchGround

PitchGround is the platform that launches most top-notch SaaS products for web-professionals as an exclusive offer in terms on LTD (Lifetime deals). All these means that it is your chance to get Virusdie’ premium license in an accordance to the plan you need forever! But hurry up! This offer is limited and really exclusive for PitchGround community. And that is about to be available only a week or eg. So it is a time to get it.

PitchGround Deal: Virusdie Lifetime Deal for $49

Data theft is increasing and it is important to protect your website is having a rock-solid anti-malware solution installed in your system. For that PitchGround offers a tool Virusdie which is the antivirus suite you need to protect your online business and websites. With Virusdie you can protect your website and online business which provides comprehensive website security to all your clients.

Virusdie Features

A User-Friendly Interface – Every screen of the user interface is clear and intuitive. You won’t find yourself asking for help to use it. Single-Use Dashboard – All your websites, all your hosting services, and all the security tools you need are in one cloud dashboard. Save Hours Every Year

Get Pitchground Virusdie in Deal For $49!

Virusdie Pricing

Virusdie can be used by everyone who owns a website and runs an online business such as freelancers, security experts, agencies, online marketplaces, corporates. Also, web hosts and service providers can clean and protect their clients’ websites using Virusdie. The actual price of Virusdie is $588 per year and Pitchground is providing a lifetime offer for $49 on this Black Friday 2019.

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