Visitor Analytics Review: AppSumo Lifetime Deal


Visitor analytics Review: When you need the scoop on your site traffic, Visitor Analytics presents the important stuff, like real-time visitor stats, details, and timestamps. See where visitors come from, your most popular pages & more, and get amazing insights and stats. Having a website is not an easy job, but learning statistics and analytics terms might be. Since you landed here, most probably you are quite new around, so we thought about giving you some tips and tricks to get the most out of our app in no time!

Anonymous Website Visitor Tracking and Identification will make it possible for you to improve your business with measurable, real customer data gathered directly from your own website visa website visitor analytics.  This data is a compliment to the Website Visitor Tracking Data collected for Identification purposes and includes basic data reporting, expanded device information, user engagement analysis, entry and exit statistics, referrer information, and more.

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Visitor analytics Review

Website Visitor Analytics

Use this data to better see if there is a correlation between conversion rates and location as well. Just because certain areas show a higher volume of traffic does not mean that they will also have a higher conversion rate.

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A visitor that returns to your business website to learn more a visitor that is open to a salesperson reaching out or a visitor that becomes a lost potential customer. Visitor Analytics helps you figure out what makes your visitors tick with useful data like the number of visitors per page, time spent on each page, sources of traffic, and bounce rates.

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