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Visual Inspector Review: Around the webFind and fix usability issues right from your prototypes with CanvasFlipCanvasFlip is a cloud-based prototyping and usability testing platform. The platform allows product managers, UX teams and founders to validate their ideas by creating interactive realistic prototypes in minutes and get actionable feedback on UX from real users without having to write any code manually.Siftery

Visual Inspector results in saving over 90% time in visualizing design changes and getting them implemented. This means less meeting time and more productive hours for your team.Visual Inspector automatically saves these changes for subsequent session so that you can start right from where you left without having to miss changes done in native Chrome devTools.

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Visual Inspector Reviews

Visual Inspector Reviews

A by avinashkesari about Visual Inspector · Dec 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 1 Helpful Report as spamI love this tool. Changing text, color, font, width, height without coding on live page is super easy. Highly recommended Visual Inspector isn’t trying to replace DevTools. Rather, it complements it by consolidating the tasks designers do on a day-to-day basis into something that’s delightful, quick, and easy to use.

Like DevTools, it lets you inspect elements. To do that, simply click on the plugin, navigate to the ‘inspect’ tab, and then click on the page element you wish to tweak. If you want to move on, just click the next element you’re interested in. Visual Inspector also makes it easy to add borders and shading to items, resize objects, and apply transforms. There’s an entire suite of commonly-used design elements, all of which are in reach with just a few clicks.

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New to Visual Inspector?

Visual Inspector is Delightful Chrome extension to inspect/edit live webpages without coding.
Annotate and discuss changes remotely by collaborating with your folks without leaving your website.

Quality inspection cost reduction

AI-powered visual inspection capabilities can help automate inspection processes, accurately identifying defects with confidence and speed, and significantly reducing the need for manual inspections.

Inspection time reduction

AI capabilities can increase speed and accuracy of defect identification to help reduce inspection time, improve manufacturing yield, and increase process throughput.

Transform Visual Inspection with AI Capabilities

Machine learning for visual feature extractionEdge processing for rapid image acquisition and processingAI and human expertise create defect modelsAccuracy of defect identificationAI for continual improvements iccuracyUtilize existing camera and image capture systemsLearn more

Visual Inspector Scribble

Visualize, discuss & finalize design copy remotely in real-time without struggling with document & spreadsheets. Manage versions to iterate faster. Save hundreds of hours in your landing page content finalization with Scribble. Categories: Landing Page Features: CanvasFlip Chrome Extension Client Logos Countdown Timer Explainer Video Hind Font Long Scrolling Pricing Table

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