Webtexttool Review: AppSumo Lifetime Deal


Webtexttool Review: In my opinion, this is the biggest downside of Webtexttool. As I mentioned above, the people who will benefit the most from this tool are those who are just getting started with creating content that is designed to be read on the web. Normally, when you’re just getting started with an online business, you must make every dollar count. Unfortunately, Webtexttool is a very expensive subscription, even if you already have your business established.

Yes, Webtexttool does give you many different possible changes that will help to increase your overall content readability, but so does Yoast. There are a few small differences between the two, but honestly, I don’t believe they warrant the cost of the software. Another feature that Webtexttool has that I enjoyed is that it gives you a platform to better manage your posts and how their performing. Thanks to a tool inside of Wealthy Affiliate called SiteContent, I already have a management platform that lets me quickly analyze new content to make certain that it is completely unique to my site, and it helps me to keep everything managed in an easy to navigate area.

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Webtexttool Review

Webtexttool Review

When I first heard about Webtexttool, I was excited. It looked like a very intuitive interface that I believed could help significantly with my content marketing efforts. Once I got inside the program and started playing around a bit, I began to realize that it honestly felt like it had just combined multiple successful tools into one platform. Now, if you’re just getting started with creating optimized web content for visitors and search engines, this may be a solution that you want to check out.

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Pros and Cons of Webtexttool

As I emphasized above, the amount of money you must invest to gain access to the tool is very significant. This is especially true when you compare it to other options that are available online. Plugin Integration
While the WordPress plug-in is nice to have as it allows you to utilize the tool inside of WordPress, it’s integration is lacking. Instead of helping me to save time, it added additional steps that I could’ve done just as easily inside of the post writing area by using Yoast SEO.

Webtexttool Features

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WebTextTool It is a super cool tool when used with WordPress for optimizing the content of a blog post. Its suggestion will fix any mistakes I make. Facebook posts are optimized, too. If you want to do keyword research, I think it is not so well-suited. Its keyword analysis is too simple to help you.

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