What pregnant women should do and should not do with the winter season?


Winter is one of the best seasons for pregnant women. Because not only is the weather nice and pleasant this season, you can also eat a variety of nutritious foods. However, women who want to conceive should be very careful in winter as they are prone to various allergies and infections during this period.

So pregnant women should wear appropriate clothing during this period, maintain body temperature, monitor body water level and stay active, making the pregnancy experience a wonderful one.

Start your daily routine activities in the winter: Due to winter, you may start your daily routine late. But it can affect your health while you are pregnant. If you wake up late, chances are you will skip your workout or breakfast. It may not be suitable for pregnant women.

pregnant women

It is a good idea to start your day with a healthy breakfast and exercise regimen for pregnant women. Similarly, another mistake that pregnant women can make is not drinking enough water as they do not get thirsty in winter. If you do not want to drink several glasses of water a day, drink bone juice, young water, etc.

And to help pregnant women protect themselves in the winter, Dr. Parul Sathe, obstetrician and gynaecologist and consultant at Karker Maternity Hospital, shared some simple tips with us. It can be found as follows.

1. Drink enough water: In winter we do not like to drink too much water. However, dehydration can occur even in winter. However, you can drink soups, lemon juice and juices. No need to wait to get thirsty. But, avoid drinking too much coffee, tea, cola, fruit juices and other sweet drinks.

2. Eat a balanced diet: Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. The desire to eat processed foods, oily and packaged foods should be completely avoided. Eating oily foods can increase acidity and lead to heartburn.

3. Get Flu Vaccine: It is important to get vaccinated against influenza during this time. In addition, it is best to wash your hands with soap and water and use a hand sanitizer, if necessary, to stay away from infected people. Avoid going to crowded places and take the medicine at the time prescribed by the doctor. Wear a mask and maintain social isolation.

4. Be physically active: It is important to exercise as if you were indoors because the weather is cold. You need to do things like walking, aerobics and yoga to keep yourself active. As always, exercise should never be avoided. But, do not do strenuous exercise. You should only do any exercise after consulting your doctor.

5. Managing skin problems: Skin problems are common in winter. Pregnant women should be careful in this regard. Dry skin, itching, and irritation can cause you discomfort.

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