Why one should get started with Fantasy Cricket in 2019


The whole world is changing, and so are the people in it, and it’s about time we accept this age-old phenomenon. Everything about us has changed dramatically in the past few years like our jobs, our taste, our customs, in fact, even our gaming preferences. Since we are on the topic of gaming, our choice of games has changed drastically in the last few years. Ever since mobile became a staple gaming console, developers have exhausted all the possibilities while trying to come up with games that could help people slay time. I hope you agree with me when I say that they have actually done it.

From arcades to racing, each game type saw major updates, all thanks to the development in technology. One game type that I, personally, think has gone through some prominent changes is sports, especially cricket. Remember the time we would play those age-old game in our smartphone, where a single swipe across the screen determines whether it’s a six or a four or what not. There are still many people who prefer playing those offline games. But that does not change the fact that fantasy cricket is the new king in the market. The craziness for fantasy cricket has been booming in India so much that you can find a fantasy cricket game in every cricket enthusiast’s smartphone.

Why is Fantasy Cricket better?

Well, for starters fantasy cricket is not just about how you swipe your screen, it’s way more. Like a fantasy cricket platform like Dream11 is perfect for any cricket enthusiast. They let you create your own dream team with all your favourite cricket players in it and play for real-time matches. So it goes without saying that it would require a good amount of cricket knowledge which most cricket players own. Also, to play fantasy cricket, you must learn to develop strategies. As you play more matches and hone your skillsets, your strategies keep getting better.

How to get started?

Getting started with fantasy cricket is as easy as it gets. So, for this instance, we would take one of the leading fantasy cricket platform – Dream11. As soon as you enter their official app or website, since this is your first time, they would ask you to register yourself with your email address or your Facebook account or your mobile number. They would also ask you to fill in your bank details which would come handy while you try to withdraw all your hard earned money. However, since you are new this fantasy cricket, it is advised to play the free games first. That pretty much sums it up.

Benefits of switching from a traditional cricket game to Fantasy Cricket.

First comes the fun aspect. Believe me, it is just too much fun to play. But do not go on my word, you need to try yourself to experience it. Then comes the money factor, though some traditional games that let you make money, nothing can come close to fantasy cricket. Also, nothing can get better than making money while having fun. So you should definitely give it a try.

As it was said earlier, it is just too much fun. It’s not too late for you to join the party. Hop on to fantasy cricket right away!


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