Will Shubman Gill hit more on this IPL 2021?


Shubman Gill, born in Sikh family started his cricket debut in Ranji Trophy for Punjab against Bengal 2017. Gill played his first international match in the year of 2019, January.With his Strikes, Gill became the youngest batsman in Indian team who scored double century in first class match.

Gill’s score in IPL

Gill being an all-rounder with right hand play style, KKR actually paid Rs.1 crore 80 lakhs as salary to him. Been scored 1000 runs in few innings, with much anticipation from the teams and fans Gill started his IPL 2021 as opening batsman for KKR. But he failed to deliver his strikes in his six consecutive innings and scored average of 16 runs. Now, with loss of 4 out of 5 matches played by KKR, the media and the viewers feel the main reason of the loss could be the performance of Shubman Gill.

Shubman Gill KKR

KKR look Narine for GillĀ 

Presently, with Gills 80 runs in 5 matches, KKR have to replace its opening batsman to move up in the points table. So KKR can select Sunil Narine to replace Shubman Gill.

Will Shubman Gill’s improve his strike rate in this IPL innings? Ups and Lows are part of life. Gill, a young player, played only few innings so far will hopefully give a big game.

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