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WishList Member Review:  Wishlist Member is one of the oldest WordPress membership plugins out there, and a such has earned its place as a heavyweight in the membership world. Whilst it’s still a good plugin and will do the job, it’s definitely not going to be topping the membership charts any time soon without a decent update, which has been long needed. There are however still areas where Wishlist stands out, like with the number of available payment and email integrations.

Wishlist Member offers unlimited membership levels and unlimited members and you can create free, trial or paid memberships easily. It also supports ‘Pay Per Post’ style products. Importantly, members can be part of multiple levels at once, something that’s not easily done with a number of other membership plugins.

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Wishlist Member Review: Wrap Up

Even through Wishlist Member is an established plugin for WordPress, that is not necessarily a good thing. Many tasks that should be simple, are just overly complicated with Wishlist Member. At this point, I can’t recommend it, and personally, think the plugin needs a complete rewrite. There are much better options out there that are easier to use, less expensive, and come with better support.

WishList Member Plugin V2.8 Complete Review and Overview

The Wishlist team is doing an amazing job in pushing their plugin forward and constantly upgrading and adjusting it to their clients’ needs. After going through several plugins and platforms, we are confidant there is absolutely no other platform that will give you so much and help you build a professional and successful membership site.

Personal Opinion on Wishlist Member

We have been building membership sites for a few years now and in the beginning we used custom HTML websites which were very complicated to manage and expend. Along the way we have used aMember and other similar plugins for WordPress. We practically tried 5 solutions until we started using Wishlist Member and this is definitely the plugin we are sticking to. We have been following other membership sites platforms and no one has grown so much like Wishlist has.

Wishlist Member Latest Version (2.8) Features

The amount of time a member has access to each level Redirection Pages – Which page each level is redirected to after the registration process and log-in Content Settings – The type of content each level has access to: pages, posts, categories and comments Sequential Upgrade – Whether or not members will automatically be removed from a certain level when they upgrade to a new level, for example: when a free level member upgrades to the paid level he will automatically be removed from the free level.

Wishlist Member WordPress Membership Plugin Review

Wishlist Member is easily one of the most popular WordPress membership plugins when looking at the sheer number of membership sites using it. It has a lot to offer in terms of customization and usability which makes it an easy choice for many webmasters. While it does have its flaws the positive often outweigh the negatives.

Core Components of a Membership Site

To give you some guidance on setting up a membership site using WordPress, it’s important to look at the three core components involved in making the transition from regular blog to restricted access membership website. Once explained, we will take a look at how easy these key modules are to implement using WishList Member.

Member Grouping

Common choices for membership levels include bronze, silver and gold. Using this example, gold members would have access to all the protected content on the site, while silver would have less, and bronze would be the lowest level of access to protected content. This is an example of a hierarchical structure, but you could just as well create groups for different membership structures. This could include red, blue and green groups, with each have access to unrelated and non-overlapping protected content.

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WishList Member Review – Turning WordPress Into a Membership Site

With WishList Member software, creating a membership site has never been easier or more affordable. The popularity of membership sites is steadily increasing. There really is no better time to get in on the action than now. Wishlist Member is a revolutionary plugin designed to help you quickly and easily create a membership site. Visit us to read our full Wishlist Member Review and sign up for a FREE guide on creating membership sites.

Wishlist Member Powerful Features

Unlimited Membership Levels – One of the greatest features Wishlist Members plugin has is the ability to create as many membership levels as you want, which means you can charge more money by creating several levels. You can create free, paid or trial levels, and even use all three options in one membership site.

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