World Coconut Day 2021 Theme: History and Significance of Coconut


World Coconut Day 2021 Theme: World Coconut Day is celebrated every year on 2 September. The purpose of celebrating this day is to promote the cultivation and productivity of coconut. Let us tell you that coconut is used for everything from auspicious works to keeping it healthy.

World Coconut Day was celebrated for the first time in the year 2009. This day was celebrated with great enthusiasm by the Asian and Pacific coconut community. The main purpose of celebrating this is to make people aware of coconut cultivation globally. Coconut is considered very beneficial for health.


World Coconut Day 2021: History

The coconut tree is often called the ‘tree of life’ owing to its versatile use in food, fuel, medicine, cosmetics, building materials, and various other uses. In order to highlight the use of coconut and its impact on society, the first world coconut day was observed on September 2, 2009, by the Asia Pacific Coconut Community (APCC).

World Coconut Day 2021: Theme

The theme for the World Coconut Day 2021 is “Building a Safe Inclusive Resilient and Sustainable Coconut Community Amid COVID-19 Pandemic & Beyond”. This has been taken for the reason of the current pandemic situation.

World Coconut Day: Benefits of Coconut

  • It is said to reduce obesity and promote digestion.
  • Coconut water has many health benefits and not to mention that it is one of the sought drinks of summer.
  • Coconut leaves are used to make brooms, baskets, mats, and much more.
  • The coir from the coconut is a natural elastic fiber that can be used to make ropes, strings, mats, stuffing for mattresses, etc.
  • Coconut shell and husk are sources of charcoal and can be used as fuel

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