World Lion Day Theme: History and Important Unknown Facts


World Lion Day Theme 2021: Lion is head for all the wild animals in the forests and Zoological Park. They are the King of Jungle. The population of lions is declining over the past two decades. 40% of the lion population reduced from the past two decades.

The energy to protect the lions started in 2013 and the first World Lion Day was celebrated that year. It has become a symbol in the fight to protect the majestic species after that year. The last remaining residents of the Asiatic Lions can be found in Gujarat’s Gir National Park.

According to the census of the majestic lions that was conducted by the Gujarat government in June last year, it showed a rise. India recorded the highest ever increase of 29 percent in its lion population from 523 in 2015 to 674 in 2020. The report also cited that their distribution expanded from 22,000 sq. km in 2015 to 30,000 sq. km in 2020.

Important Unknown Facts of Lion

1. Pride-lions live in a large group known as pride. It is like the wolves’ pattern of living.

2. Living Space – The king of the jungle lives only in grasslands and plains.

3. Weight- The male lion weighs more than 500 pounds and grows up to eight feet in length.

4. Male lions- The male lions have dignified manes; long thick hair around their head, neck, and shoulder, making them appear larger and more intimidating. Unlike the female cubs, the male cubs are responsible for their own living post maturity.

5. Female lions- The female lions are smaller and faster. The female lions and their sisters live together. Even the female cubs are joined in the pride.

The World Lion Day theme 2021 is “slow elimination of the African lion”. This phrase will be the main topic of events held on this year’s (2021) World Lion Day.

World Lion Day 2021 History

The Lions were free to roam Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe as far back as 3 million years ago. However, in the last 100 years, it has disappeared from more than 80% of its historical range. Lions currently exist in more than 25 African countries and one Asian country.

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