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wpDataTables: wpDataTables addons additionally extend its functionality: provide Cascade Filtering, integrate with popular form builders such as Gravity Forms and Formidable Forms, allow advanced report creation for Word and Excel files

During its 6-years development history wpDataTables was featured as an outstanding table and charts plugin by the WordPress community, and noticed by many major WP-related blogs and resources. It’s been labeled as the best table plugin for WordPress many times

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Hands-on With wpDataTables

here’s the part where I actually dig into wpDataTables and show you how it all works.When you first go to Create a Table, you’ll see this handy wizard that lets you select the source for your table. This wizard is part of the complete redesign and sports a much more modern, streamlined design

Building a Chart Based On Your Table

Outside of tables, wpDataTables also lets you create charts based on your tables using a variety of different render engines.While the example table that I created above doesn’t really lend itself to creating a chart, let me give you a quick look at the process anyway.First, you give your chart a name and select which engine you want to use to render your chart, as well as the chart type that you want to create

Final Thoughts on wpDataTables

wpDataTables is the best table and chart plugin that I’ve used. The fact that it has over 12, 000 sales at Code Canyon and has maintained a 4.63-star rating indicates that I’m not the only person who feels that way.The new interface is a major upgrade

Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

Data Tables Generator by Supsystic is a versatile table solution that offers dozens of options, letting you make changes to your table and table design, and also see how modifications look on desktop, tablet and mobile.Multiple responsive modes are available for tables, and you have full control over your table colour scheme and how your tables are structured

Data Representation as Charts

The wpDataTables also provides its users another great option to render data in the form of graphic charts using supported chart engines.These Charts are created using data from the table itself. Just select the columns you wish to generate a chart of and enable the chart type in “ You can also open the Chart Wizard and pick a rendering engine, after which the plugin shows you a list of around 10+ chart types to pick

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The Master Filter

The wpDataTable has a master filter – wpdatatables_filter_initial_table_construct– which can be used to alter the data being represented.This filter is applied to the table object after data is read from a source and columns are generated. It can be used for creating a new table type

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