Yulon Luxgen Dinos vs Pauian Archiland Basketball Dream 11 Prediction


YD vs TPA : In Chinese Taipei 2020, Yulon Luxgen Dinos has been placed at the top second place in the tournament standings. In the total of sixteen matches played in the stage one, YD has succeeded in 9 matches and lost in 7 matches. YD has managed to score 25 points for the team. YD has scored 16 points in the stage 2, in which they have participated in the total of 10 matches. With 6 victories and 4 defeats, YD has been placed at the third position in the Stage 2. In the last match played against Taiwan Beer, YD has won the game with the score of 91 -70 points. Prior to this match, YD has matched up against Bank of Taiwan, in YD has succeeded the match by scoring 94-89 points. Let’s see whether YD tries their best to take their hat-trick win of the tournament.

Pauian Archiland takes the fourth place in the Stage 1 of Chinese Taipei 2020 tournament. In the total of 16 matches participated, TAP has faced victories in 8 matches, faced failures in 8 matches. TAP has scored 24 points in their account. If we take a look in to the Stage 2, TAP has been positioned at the second place, with the scored points of 17 for the team. TAP has played 10 matches so far, out of which TAP has succeeded in 7 matches and defeated in 3 matches, with the scored points of 17 in their account. In the recent match, TAP has faced off against Taiwan Beer, in which TAP has won the game with the score of 94-75 points. Previous to this game, when TAP has played against Bank of Taiwan, in which TAP has taken victory with the score of 80-85 points. TAP has been doing well. Let’s see whether they manage to continue their victory track in this tournament.


Yulon Luxgen Dinos vs Pauian Archiland – Team Squad

Yulon Luxgen Dinos:

Marcus Keane, Liang Lu-Guan, Li-Jen Lin, Jie-Min Lu, Kai-Hsiang Hu, Jian Hao, Guo Zhaonan, Yi-Hui Lin, Zier Lu, Zheng Tie, Lu Cheng-Ju, Zhou Baichen, Lu Guanxuan, Pan Guanhan, Sim Bhullar, Te-Wei Lee

Pauian Archiland:

Chen Jianen, Wu Chia-Chun, Chia-Kang Li, Lee Chi-Wei, Chun-Yen Peng, Lin Yao-Tsung, Wei-Ju Chien, Chin-Yao Yao, Shih Yen-Tsung, Chi-Min Lu, Qiu Baichen, Edvinas Seskus, Wu Tai-Hao, Wen Lihuang, Chin-Pang Lin, Chen Guanquan, Quincy Miller-Scott, Charles Garcia


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