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ZeroIn Appsumo: ZeroIn lets you collect targeted business data from LinkedIn and then verify emails to use for your outreach campaigns. It will precise LinkedIn prospecting for collecting business emails and account information.

It is best for growth hackers and sales development reps who want to effectively use LinkedIn data for client prospecting. ZeroIn will Find and verify business emails and data through LinkedIn for high-quality leads. The ZeroIn Chrome plugin uses unique five-point verification technology to validate business emails in real-time and minimizing bouncebacks.

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You’ll get verified business emails and 26 other data points from leads, including phone numbers, country of business, and job title.

ZeroIn can find the information regardless of whether your LinkedIn account is free or paid. So all you need to do is select your search criteria and watch it go.

ZeroIn Appsumo
ZeroIn Appsumo

The ZeroIn user portal is the other half of the tool, where you can collect all of your data. You’ll be able to access a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool where you can edit, update, move.

Click here to buy ZeroIn Appsumo Lifetime Deal at $49

Upload to ZeroIn from the user portal to get all your business emails verified using the same precise system. You can even extract company data without the verified emails. In case you want to get a better idea of your target audience for content or other initiatives.

ZeroIn gives you verified business emails and data to find the perfect collection of leads for all your prospecting, plus screens the emails you already have.


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