Zlappo Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $59.00


Zlappo Review: We understand Twitter growth hacking in 2020 and have built a product that bakes in all the state-of-the-art strategies. Turn your Twitter account into a mega-funnel for your blog, consultancy, Gumroad, email list, and more!

You can convert your existing audience into happy customers who evangelize your products. Get up to 30-50% more followers within a month. Schedule months’ of content in one sitting, save time and focus on engagement.

Buy Zlappo Lifetime Deal for $59.00

Zlappo Review

Increase your engagement up to 100%. Zlappo tells you which content has resonated the most with your audience, so you know to schedule more of the same. Wake up to new leads, sign-ups, and sales every morning

  • Schedule Twitter threads like a champ with our powerful tweet composer (advanced features for PROS)
  • Auto-retweet your best-performing evergreen content in the background regularly, set and forget it
  • Nifty “Tweet Smarter” automations, e.g. auto-plugging your offer when your content goes viral
  • The PERFECT Twitter growth tool for consultancies, affiliate marketers, influencers, bloggers, etc.

Fast-track your goal of living full-time off of your online business, decouple your earnings from your time/labor. Tweet smarter, grow faster, automate better, and create systems that do the work for you.

Zlappo :- Pros & Cons


  • Automatic Retweets based on Engagement
  • Schedule Threads on the Go
  • 14-Day Free Trial
  • Tweet Screenshot Shared with Instagram Instantly ( Coming Soon)
  • Best Price in the Market ( $9.99/month, Others are costly)


  • No Major Analytics of Followers ( Although they are working on this)

So I am a long time customer of Zlappo. I found Zlappo to be really useful & therefore highly recommend it.Their Customer Support is Fast. They love improving & works on feedback. You ask them for any improvement inside the app & they will include it in their development pipeline if its worthy.

Zlappo Review

Zlappo’s interface is clean and easy to use, customer service is highly responsive, and you can schedule from both desktop and mobile with ease. The price is extraordinary for everything that you get. I highly recommend this service, ESPECIALLY if you run multiple accounts. Put them on auto-pilot and let Zlappo do the rest!

Get Appsumo Zlappo in the Deal for $59.00

I love zlappo. I had been looking at hyperfury, but it is super expensive. Zlappo does an amazing job keeping my twitter updated, and I’m getting new followers every day. Buying this is a NO BRAINER.

This tool is truly amazing! The ability to develop continuous engagement and schedule threads is a game-changer for business owners looking to expand on Twitter. I highly recommend…

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