Sumo Day Offer: Zonka Feedback Appsumo Deal at $69

Zonka Feedback Appsumo: Zonka Feedback is multichannel customer feedback and survey platform. It will help you to collect and analyze customer satisfaction. It will create multichannel customer surveys to measure satisfaction and reduce churn.

This deal is best for marketers and support teams that want to streamline collecting customer feedback and improve response rates. Zonka Feedback lets you create beautiful interactive surveys and feedback forms for your business.

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Create engaging surveys that can be fully customized to match your branding and get feedback on the spot with multichannel survey distribution. With out-of-the-box reporting and a collaborative platform, you can easily measure results and share them with your team.

Zonka Feedback Appsumo
Zonka Feedback Appsumo

Customize your survey themes to match your business’s branding with colors, background images, logos, and more!

You can choose from over 40 survey questions, including comment boxes, Likert scales, and rating scales to find out what your customers really think.  Plus, the multilingual surveys and survey logic options let you create intuitive surveys to capture even more responses.

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Zonka Feedback’s multichannel platform makes it easy, with on-premise feedback options, email, SMS, embedded surveys, and more. You can collect feedback on-site with touchscreen devices or even print QR codes on receipts and packaging to streamline the survey experience.

Zonka Feedback gives you a collaborative, real-time response inbox for all your surveys to make feedback way more manageable. Filter your survey responses, tag specific submissions, add notes, and assign tasks to your team.

With real-time, intuitive AI-driven reporting, you can get a breakdown of all your responses, scores, and comments to monitor how trends change over time.

Click here to buy Zonka Feedback Appsumo Deal at $69

Easily automate workflows using out-of-the-box integrations with Zapier, APIs, webhooks, and more. You can even create automations for sending surveys to customers, adding tickets to helpdesks, and syncing responses to your favorite platforms, so everything works together smoothly.

Stop using survey tactics that don’t work and require a ton of manual labor to execute. Zonka Feedback makes collecting feedback a breeze, so you know exactly how to become even better.

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