DashFrugal Appsumo

Appsumo Lifetime: DashFrugal Lifetime Deal for $59.00

DashFrugal Appsumo: Dashfrugal is the World's #1 Voice-guided digital adoption platform built for small and medium SaaS businesses to drive self-service user onboarding and product training. With the Dashfrugal onboarding tool you can design...
DocPro Appsumo

Appsumo Lifetime : DocPro Lifetime Deal for $49.00

DocPro Appsumo: DocPro is a suite of products for managing document processing, workflow, digitization, storage and retrieval processes. DocPro is being used by a large number of clients in various business verticals like Telecom...
GoodFlow Appsumo

Appsumo Lifetime: GoodFlow Lifetime Deal for $49.00

GoodFlow Appsumo: Capture leads and user data—like requests incidents bugs, etc.—and make that information visible to everyone on your team. You’ll be able to integrate the form with your website or any other data-capture...
Invoice Crowd Appsumo

Appsumo Lifetime: Invoice Crowd Lifetime Deal for $69.00

Invoice Crowd Appsumo: We are a cloud based invoicing, estimation and accounting solution that can help your business grow. Track your business expenses, Create and send invoices on the fly and get paid faster...
Screpy Appsumo

Appsumo Lifertime: Screpy Lifetime Deal for $55.00

Screpy Appsumo: Knowing SEO metrics of a blog or site is crucial as it identifies the critical issues that need to be taken care of. There are many SEO tools that offer different SEO...
Geekbot Appsumo

Appsumo Lifetime: Geekbot Lifetime Deal for $129.00

Geekbot Appsumo: Geekbot is a slackbot assistant that helps users set up real asynchronous stand up meetings within Slack. The solution helps staff stay organized up-to-date and aligned with the rest of the team....