Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit


Today, the Indian market has witnessed excellent growth in startups and entrepreneurs. Every business idea requires the foundation of a certain amount of investment. Investment is dependent on the nature of the business. Nowadays, entrepreneurs with a right business idea and considerate low investment are on a path to yield high profits. The entrepreneur becomes the ‘job creator’ in the market for many young and aspiring employees. He has to find the right set of employees, who will assist him in running the business successfully. An entrepreneur also plays the role of ‘risk taker.’

Following are some business ideas with low investment and high profit.

FreeLancer Agencies: Nowadays, people are willing to hire freelancers for getting their work done. Moreover, there is an increase in the number of freelancer in the market today.  An entrepreneur can start an agency which recruits freelancers for third-party projects. This is considered a good business idea, as freelancers in India charge comparatively less, and provide efficient services to their clients. This can help entrepreneurs to earn excellent commissions and contacts. An entrepreneur can appoint freelancer as and when work is assigned to the agency.

Book Lending Business: Even though eBooks are in trend nowadays, people still prefer the classic paperbacks. The old school books with a distinct smell to their pages remain part of many lives. Nowadays, people want to rent books and are seeking reliable sources for the same. An entrepreneur who wishes to explore this business idea should be passionate about the books and have enough knowledge about the different available genres ranging from fiction to things like literature and poetry in the market. This business requires the investment of purchasing books on wholesale and then renting those books to several readers so that you have returned. It’s important to make sure that the books you buy are in decent and good condition.

Eco-Friendly Products: Eco-friendly products are high in demand nowadays. Moreover, the production of eco-friendly products does not necessarily require a large amount of investment. It’s new and upcoming market in India. Today people are opting eco-friendly products.  An entrepreneur who wishes to pursue this idea of business should consider dealing with eco-friendly paper bags, disposable straws, cups, etc. However, as and when the business flourishes, it demands more investment.

Healthy Snacks Business: Today, people are looking out for their health. This has created a new market for healthy snacks in India. An entrepreneur can explore this market with small investment as manufacturing of snacks can be done on a low budget. An entrepreneur will have to make an inventory of food items that are low in price to purchase, and have several health benefits. Secondly, he should conduct market research, as to what snack items are more in demand. You could try incorporating the healthy ingredients which are available in your budget to your product. Healthy snack bars, candies, wafers are some of the products which are famous in the Indian market. Make sure you have your FASSAI license for which you will have to do your OPC, Private Limited Company Registration, etc

Mobile Applications: Nowadays, everyone has access to a cell phone. There has been a tremendous increase in downloads and usage of mobile applications. The development of application requires little to no investment to generate business out of a mobile application. The entrepreneur will need to seek help from a technical expert on the subject who is familiar with application and software development. There are also several other software available today which will help you to develop your application with ease. Applications such as heartbeat trackers, calories tracker, and activity trackers are quite popular in the market.

Website development Business: Every organization irrespective of its scale of operations requires maintaining its online presence.  Website Development can be considered as a potential business idea in the market today. If anyone wishes to pursue this business idea will require the help of skilled web developer or the entrepreneur can make himself familiar with the website development. An entrepreneur can hire a small team who can deliver magnificent results in this if they work effectively.

Social Marketing Business: The development in the digital age has given a boost to the social media marketing business. These businesses may require low investment costs and can enjoy significant financial benefits in the long run. One of the important aspects of this business idea is to keep a track of trends and viral posts on social media. This will help to control the views and traffic on the posts. Social Media Executive with experience in this field can help to improve the business.


An entrepreneur should take all the aspects of the business idea into consideration. The above business ideas can be pursued with the help of small investment and enjoy a good share of the profits. Entrepreneurship is a road travelled alone. But the destination is worth the pain, sweat and suffering.

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