What Makes a Good Rummy Party?


Many people regard rummy parties as a great way to get together. There are however a few things one needs to keep in mind while organising a rummy party if he wishes that it ends up being a success. We have listed these points for you to take into notice before actually deciding on your own party for rummy lovers:

Good Planning

No good party works out without good planning. Planning involves many steps and that is what makes it so tough. If you want to host a classic rummy party, here are some of the important aspects of planning you need to consider:

  • Venue: Select a venue or location that everyone finds convenient to attend. You need more people to attend the party and this means the venue should be convenient to most.
  • Date and Time: Select a date and time when most people will be able to turn up for the occasion. Avoid weekdays as people will be busy at work. Avoid odd hours when people will have other chores to attend.

Right Guests

The success of the rummy party also requires you to invite the right guests. Make a list of people who are genuinely interested in Indian rummy and will appreciate the effort you have put in to host a rummy party. This way, you can be sure more people will turn up and the party will be a success.

Good Rummy Party

The Culinary Side

Good food is a craze for Indians. If a party lacks good food, it is really incomplete. That is why, while you do focus on organising rummy card game sessions well, do not ignore the culinary aspect. Make sure you have some amusing starters and beverages. You can serve these at regular intervals to refresh the players and boost their spirits.

The Invitations

Design invitations to match the theme of the party. Since you are hosting a card game party, you can design invitations with card signs on them. The guests will surely appreciate the effort. Nowadays, it is really easy to design invitations online. There are many websites where you can try designing. Once you have decided the perfect design, just take a print to invite friends offline. You may simply customise and send on WhatsApp or Facebook to invite online.

The Ambience

Pay attention to the ambience too. Make it perfect for a card party. You may select some wall decals with images of clubs or spades. You may set the table with flowers or some beautiful centrepiece to give it the look of perfection. Select chairs that are comfortable so that players don’t find difficulty sitting for many rounds of the game.


To make the rummy party even more thrilling, arrange some tournament with some nominal gift. This will add excitement to the party. For ideas, you can visit Khelplay Rummy website for rummy players as they host such tournaments often.

Confirmation Calls

Maybe two or three days before the party, you can make calls to confirm the attendance of all the people who are invited. This way you can get to the final number of people attending. This can help you avoid ordering extra food and thus prevent food wastage.

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