5 Sunglasses for Men to Bring Out the Gentleman in You


A stand-out look or outfit is built from a couple of crucial elements. To appear fashionable, one needs the right colours, prints, shoes and accessories that complement one another and give an effortless and polished look. In that pursuit, sunglasses play a very important role. An underwhelming pair of sunglasses over a perfect outfit can ruin the vibe you’re going for! Therefore, it’s important that you invest in a versatile pair of sunglasses for men that lift your features and make you look stylish and suave. While it is a daunting prospect for those who want to spruce up their wardrobe, it can help to know the options you have before heading to the store.

sunglass for men

A good pair of sunglasses for men are the perfect addition to a great outfit. Each outfit as per the occasion speaks for a different part of you, and the right pair of glasses makes you look like the perfect put-together gentleman.

Let us look at the following sunglasses for men that can help you express the gentleman in you:

1. Brown Wayfarers

brown wayfarers

Wayfarers, even in their most simple form, are designed to give you comfort, protection and effortless style. The angular frames play best on rounder features, making you look dapper. The full-rimmed frames are best for wearer comfort, as they sit on top of any outfit and makes it look like the best apparel accessory meant created for the look. 

Owing to their simple and stylish design, wayfarer sunglasses for men are great to wear around the year, and instead of the conventional black colour, one can go for brown wayfarers for a debonair finish.

2. Gold Aviators

gold aviators

Aviators are designed to be an accessory for all. From the 1930s to hitting their peak again in the 70s, the aviator sunglasses for men are a time capsule of their own. They’ve been a part of fashion history and serve their purpose as the ideal protective lenses to those on the go. The large lenses may be square or teardrop-shaped, with their lenses being one of the best options for those who favour 100% protection from UV radiation around the year. These sunglasses for men have been synonymous with men’s apparel and effortlessly add a pop of style, making them one of the most versatile accessories.

3. Grey Square Rimmed

grey square rimmed

A close relative of the aviator, these grey square rimmed sunglasses for men are the accessory for those who favour square lenses for their face shape. The angular lenses cut through one’s appearance and give it a sharp and polished feel when styled, especially when with business wear. Ever so versatile and stylish with a design meant for those who seek to carry themselves as a well-rounded gentleman, square lenses are the best choice. 

4. Black Oval Glasses

black oval glasses

Oval lenses can be a daunting choice for those looking for sunglasses for men, but with a rise in thin frames and minimalistic accessories, oval lenses are here to stay. With the frame bridge echoing the glasses worn by the musicians of the 60s and 90s, these lenses are a vintage touch to one’s wardrobe. To transform yourself into a chic yet trendy gentleman, oval glasses are the best example of unconventionality, becoming the best recipe for a statement look. 

5. Black Round Ones

black round ones

Round lenses, much like the aviators, have been around for a long time. From movie stars to pop stars, the round lenses are a versatile accessory within the range of sunglasses for men because of their design which makes them flattering on most face shapes. A pair of round glasses are great for protection from UV radiation as well, owing to their functional yet stylish appearance. Round-rimmed glasses are a great place to start for the gentleman who looks towards the yesteryears for inspiration.

To shop for the best range of sunglasses for men to keep you on top of your eyewear game, Fastrack and their trendy glasses can be a one-stop shop for all your eyewear needs. 

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