5 Ways to Style Your Branded Trousers

Did you know that trousers were invented because robes were too uncomfortable to be worn on horseback? As a highly versatile piece of apparel, trousers have evolved over the years to offer the same level of comfort, practicality, and an added level of sophistication to the wearer. 

High-quality branded trousers are essential in any man’s wardrobe as they can fit flawlessly in your smart-casual, casual, and formal attires. In this article, we look at 5 ways to style your branded trousers. 

how to style trousers

  • Navy trousers with white shirt: Elegant, simple, and sophisticated. This can rock your business casual attire and can also be worn for all your smart-casual callings. Spruce this outfit by complementing it with a pair of leather brogues. 
  • Grey trousers with an indigo t-shirt: This is the perfect style for those not looking to be completely formal. You’ll be surprised to see how grey linen trousers for men can pair with a simple indigo t-shirt. Complete the look with a pair of white sneakers, and you have the perfect blend of professional and smart-casual. 
  • Black trousers with a knit sweater: Not a lot of colours can come close to the classic visual appeal of black branded trousers. This is a look that can get you to all your formal meetings with ease. All you need is an elegant knit sweater to go along with your pitch-black trousers. Want to add a dash of semi-formal? Throw in a pair of suede boots, and you’re all set.  
  • Brown trousers with a blue shirt This can get you to work and beyond. Style a pair of brown branded trousers with a premium blue shirt and black oxford shoes. We wouldn’t be surprised if you wore this more than once a week. 
  • Olive trousers with black shirt: A premium black shirt is one of the easiest ways to look stylish. Style your olive chinos with a black shirt, and you’re all set to make a style statement. We recommend you go with a pair of high-quality black derby shoes for footwear.

Take it Up a Notch

You can make the outfits even more stylish by experimenting with your choice of fabrics and design. Some fabrics look more refined than others. For example, linen trousers for men will have a completely different look than those made from wool or even cotton, for that matter. While there is nothing wrong with donning cotton trousers, linen or any other high-grade material like Pima cotton would give your trousers a touch of luxury and added sophistication. 

If you’re in the market to make a high-quality purchase, we would recommend you look only for premium fashion brands. While you can find a plethora of fast fashion brands in the market, only premium options can offer you a feel of luxury and value. With something as important as trousers, a premium buy would assure you of its durability and comfort in the long run. Furthermore, the best brands will offer you a wide variety of men’s designer pants that would be available in a variety of fits. 

Andamen is a premium fashion brand that you can explore for your next purchase. Their exquisite collection of premium branded trousers includes linen trousers for men, high-quality joggers, and a range of premium chinos that you can choose from. They are a luxury fashion brand solely dedicated to the growing community of Indians who cherish a sophisticated and authentic lifestyle.  

So, add a pair of branded trousers to your wardrobe and style your outfits with perfection! 

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