Are chunky knit blankets soft?


The epitome of warmth and comfort at home, a soft, cozy blanket is a chic and eye-catching addition to a bedroom or living room. On chilly winter nights, it is good to wrap oneself in it to enter a tranquil, serene, and romantic mood. Furthermore, you can’t go without such a practical addition whether traveling or having a picnic. You can buy a chunky blanket throw in the online store “Linens & Hutch” and take care of your warmth and comfort.

chunky blanket

What blanket material should I choose?

The choice of a blanket is primarily the choice of material, which depends on the purpose of the purchase and your personal preferences. Knitted blankets can be made from various materials:

  • Cotton has long been a well-known hero of the textile market. It is perfect in every way, from the price to its features. Cotton is good absorbency, softness, air exchange, bactericidal properties, and wear resistance. Also, from cotton, a soft and pleasant to the touch terry is obtained;
  • Cashmere is softness and airiness in one material. It is very soft, light, and warm, but durable. Although cashmere is a woolen fabric (the undercoat of mountain goats), it does not cause discomfort when in contact with the skin, like pure wool;
  • Polyester is a budget analog of so many fabrics. Natural or semi-natural fabrics are added to polyester, which makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost of the final product, making it of the highest quality;
  • Acrylic is also a synthetic material that has long established itself in the market. It is soft and warm, is hypoallergenic, and has an affordable price;
  • Wool is a natural fiber obtained by shearing or combing sheep, goats, and camels (in most cases). It has low thermal conductivity, due to which it retains heat for a long time, which makes it indispensable in the cold. Minus wool only in special conditions for caring for it.

How to choose a chunky blanket throw for yourself?

–ílanket is not the central element of the interior, but still, it is able to add a twist to the design, to become a stylish accent. You can buy great chunky soft knit blankets from the online store “Linens & Hutch” but first you need to know how to choose the right blanket for you.

  1. First, you need to figure out which material suits you best. Natural fabrics are a must for those who suffer from frequent allergic reactions or cannot tolerate synthetics. In addition, synthetic fabrics, although cheaper, will last much less. This can be a plus for those who like frequent changes.
  2. Secondly, you need to calculate your strength. Many natural fabrics are very finicky to care for. Incorrect washing of woolen products will spoil the mood and your favorite blanket: it can change the size, go stained or even crawl, which is doubly insulting since such things are not cheap.
  3. Thirdly, make sure you choose the right size.
  4. And fourthly, style and color. There is a designer inside everyone, but he also needs to know that too bright and aggressive colors can, not only get bored quickly but also lose their color in a few washes (especially with the wrong mode).

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