Are You Aware of the Cancer Scenario in India?


Cancer has been growing like a crazy disease among 85% of the human population. According to the World Health Organization, 1 in 6 deaths around the world are caused due to Cancer. As per the Indian population censes, India has high rates in Cancer deaths which is quite alarming as compared to the data of the previous year. It stated that the Indian population saw about 0.3 million Cancer deaths in the year 2010 and over 8 lakh patient cases were unresolved.

Currently the most popular types of Cancer faced by today’s population are breast and prostate cancer. This is a global issue! India also faces other Cancer types like skin, lungs, mouth, rectum, stomach, liver, cervix, blood, bladder and esophagus. Almost everyone will remember the tobacco advertisements shown on the TV and in movie theaters just before a film starts. It shows a serious case of mouth Cancer caused due to the consumption of tobacco products. However, tobacco is not the only cause of cancer.

The Indian Medical Association identified both internal and external factors for cancer. Internal factors can be genetics, hormonal disturbances, poor immune system or existing disease which may lead to the growth of cancer in the body. External factors may depend on high stress levels, eating habits, pollution, industrialization, unhygienic environment and more. Hospitals conducts cancer treatment in India based on these factors. Each patient can have cancer in their body caused by different factors. A proper evaluation is needed for the treatment to work.

How is the Indian Youth Affected?

If we take various types of cancer into consideration, we can analyze the data and see for ourselves what the actual situation is and how every one of us is affected. These data were collected by National Cancer Registry Program of the Indian Council of Medical Research.

  • Lung Cancer – studies show that the most affected areas are cities like Bhopal, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Among them Delhi has the highest record of 13920 patients, out of which 6815 were males and 7105 were females. Pollution was the major factor as sited by the research group.
  • Breasts Cancer – from a period of 2005 to 2010, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore showed the highest concentration of breast cancer patients. 1 lakh new patients are admitted each year in these cities.
  • Stomach Cancer – the highest case of stomach cancer was found in the states of Mizoram and other North east Indian states. The causes were unknown, but Mizoram has 39% male and 14% women suffering from stomach cancer every year.
  • Gall Bladder Cancer – this type of cancer generally arises from gall stones. 2% patient suffering from gall stone problems lead to gall bladder cancer. In this type cancer treatment in india are most advanced.
  • Oral Cancer – there has been a considerable increase in oral cancer in the states of Agra, Allahabad, Varanasi, Moradabad and adjoining areas. This was mainly due to the consumption of tobacco.
  • Cervix Cancer – this type is mostly seen in women. Thankfully there has been a decrease in cervical cancer in year over the past few years. Chennai and Delhi reported a downfall of 41% in cervical cancer.

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