Australian Government’s Crackdown through the Prism of Offshore Bitcoin Casinos


Bitcoin has faced a great opportunity to enter the AU gambling environment. According to the Australian government’s initiatives, crypto gambling needs to be taken under full control. The IGA Amendment Bill was introduced in 2016, but the related changes are in the process of realization and integration until now. The major measures to be discussed include strict penalties for corporate and private customers who are involved in gambling activities.

The development of the IGA Amendment Bill and all the related events gives green light to bitcoin and other crypto. At, you can already find the best Aussie online casinos.

offshore bitcoin casinos

So, why Bitcoin goes deeper into the gambling industry? It is simple, easy, and convenient. The Interactive Gambling Amendment Act as introduced in 2016, but it hasn’t been fully implemented. Consequently, it hasn’t fully determined the use of crypto. The bill has been approved by the House of Representatives. Eventually, it was then negotiated in the Senate.

The bill to change the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 saw the world after former New South Wales Premier’s announcement to regulate the gambling sector. The government’s intention appealed to the ambiguity of AUS gambling legislative norms. While online gambling is considered to be illegal in Australia, the regulation has become significant.

Today, traditional and Bitcoin casinos allow gamblers to set different types of restrictions. Gambling operators that manage to enter the Australian market must keep track of various habits. They are signaled instantly to all uncommon behaviors.

Instead of checking well-regulated sectors, such as the UK Gambling Commission, AU politicians focused on anti-gambling resources. This reduced the efficiency of the new policies. Moreover, the functionality of Bitcoin casinos was also reduced to the minimum. Thus, the inability of local authorities to monitor offshore gambling sites became obvious.

Due to multiple gaps in the Australian legislation, many non-Australian businesses decided to try their chances in the local market. AU authorities automatically put pressure on UK or Malta regulated casinos. This made the Australian market more vulnerable to the less regulated Bitcoin casinos.

Bitcoin gambling has already started blossoming all over the world. Lots of online sportsbooks are operating from different parts of the world, with most businesses coming from China, Vietnam, Thailand, and other Asian countries.

With Australian-licensed Bitcoin casinos from OnlineCasinoAussie, more restrictions on marketing are imposed. They offer lines of credit and the banning of “in-play” live gambling. Meanwhile, all services bitcoin operators start referring to digital currencies.

The customer-oriented nature of crypto allows player to gambler secretly, without revealing their personal data. They just sign up, transfer the certain sum of money to the gambling site, and start playing the preferred slot machines. When the gaming round is completed, the obtained funds are paid out to the selected e-wallet.

The Australian situation is worth thousands or even millions of dollars with many online gamblers. Online gamblers keep betting with each other on the way to the desired outcomes.

The best thing is the Australian authorities that decide to benefit from crypto resources. Why? Simply, it is a cheaper option for Australian players. After all, crypto currencies hold GST more than once. So, more and more Aussies go for this option in their gambling endeavors.

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